Thursday, May 03, 2007

Oh, this ought to be fun!

Ray Comfort, easily the lamest Christian apologist in the business this side of Jack Chick, is moist with excitement over an upcoming debate in which he claims he will prove, without recourse to the Bible, the existence of God. I wonder what it will be this time? A kumquat?

From a WorldNutDaily article:

"The network originally offered me only four minutes to present my case," Comfort said. "After speaking with Kirk [Cameron, former Growing Pains and Left Behind series movie star] and conferring with the atheists, they settled on 13 minutes. I'm ecstatic. I can prove the existence of God in that amount of time."

Well! There you have it. Ray Comfort will achieve in 13 minutes on ABC what no theologian or apologist or scientist or philosopher has done since the beginning of human civilization! I can't wait! Sounds like must-see-TV to me.

Mark your calendars: May 9 at noon Central on


  1. I feel sorry for him. He just keeps embarrassing himself and he doesn't seem to realize it.

  2. Yeah, I guess lots of us will need to dismantle our atheist blogs after this airs, start attending mega-churches, etc.

  3. Don't feel too sorry for him. He's raking in the dough, I'm sure. And this "debate" won't alter that one cent. No matter what he says, his fans will hang on his every syllable as gospel truth.

  4. LOL!!! I heard about this on the radio this morning. I wonder who the athiest is going to be.... No doubt Mr. Comfort will do his usual shtick of talking over the opposing viewpoint and just throwing words and ridicule out in an attempt to distract everyone from the fact that his "case" isn't worth the oxygen it uses to state it.

  5. So, did Ray Comfort et. al. provide anything of merit? Any decent debate?

  6. Not at all, as you might expect. I'll be going through it next week.

  7. Hey, I appreciate you prompt response! I am disappointed that Ray and Company failed to provide something of merit as I am truly interested in seeing honest debate.

    Again, thanks for your quick reply and I look forward to your presentation on the subject next week.

  8. yeah- managed to see some of this online as I don't live in the USA - what a load of balderdash! didn't see any 'proof' at all and all they did was troop out the old argumants that have already been debunked - *sigh8 and there I was thinking that finally I can relax- it is all solved - HAH!

  9. - site making fun of Kirk Cameron's Crockaduck


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