Saturday, May 12, 2007

I understand it's a "religion of peace"

Check this out. Pakistan, I am told, is our friend in the War on Terror. That's what they say. Bush says it, and we know what a stand-up guy he is, so it must be true. And we know the Bush administration takes a hard line against those Islamofascists, too, because they're always saying so on Fox News. And we know how fair and balanced they are, so it must be true. I mean, the Islamofascists are why we can't leave Iraq, right? Because that's where they all are, and so if we leave, well then, they're just going to swarm the globe in their millions, and it'll be Islamofascism here, Islamofascism there, Islamofascism everywhere!

So I wonder just how our fine, courageous, standing-up-to-the-terrorists president is going to react if our good fellow-Islamofascist-terrorist-fighting friends in Pakistan pass this bill that would make it a capital crime for a Muslim man to decide he wanted to leave the faith. Hey, at least they're going easy on women, who would only get life in prison. I suppose this is what passes for "progressive" in an Islamic country. After all, Islamofascists aren't known for making women's lives very pleasant. I mean, for real. Like, if you're a woman, and you live in an Islamic country, it pretty much sucks to be you. So for women who want to leave Islam to get off so lightly with a mere life sentence seems to indicate that Islam has made a bold step forward into the 17th century, at least.

But come on. Really. To pass a law saying that we'll fucking kill you if you don't want to belong to our religion any more is pretty barbaric even for Islam, which is already just about the most barbaric belief system any bunch of barbarians ever practiced barbarism under. And I say this as someone who has lived in the Middle East, known plenty of the "good" Muslims, knows what good and kind people they can be, and remains utterly nonplussed that decent folks can continue to live under the yoke of such a totalitarian, anti-human, tyrannical religion. Hell, maybe that's the problem that has motivated Pakistan's desire to draft this law. You wouldn't think they'd need it if there weren't the real threat of mass defections by good Muslims who have concluded they simply cannot stand by and be part of something so evil any more.

Well, I'm sure Bush'll give ol' Musharraf what-for over this. Won't he? He will, won't he? Sure he will.


  1. But it is a religion of peace! Any people who force it on others aren't true Muslims! At least that's what my neighbor told me.


  2. [...]which is already just about the most barbaric belief system any bunch of barbarians ever practiced barbarism under...

    I love it!


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