Sunday, May 20, 2007

In which everyone's irony meters explode yet again

The latest funny thing I've gotten in my inbox from the American Family Association is a plug for a low-budget Christian movie called Flywheel, an earlier effort, broadcast on TBN back in 2003, from the producers of theatrical release Facing the Giants. Reading the plot synopsis, I wonder if ol' Don Wildmon saw a little too much of himself in the description of the protagonist.

This movie is about a used car salesman, Jay Austin (Alex Kendrick), who uses his smiling face and hasty promises to cover up his dishonesty and manipulation. He does everything his way until his true character is exposed and he becomes disgusted by the masks he wears and the lies he tells.

Gee. Except for that last bit, it could be Wildmon's life story!


  1. And he, no doubt, finds Jesus at the end, right?

  2. I agree that in dialoguing with believers, the projection factor is extremely high, just generally speaking.

    One of my favorites is when my stance:

    >Currently there is no proof of god, so I see no reason to believe in god; as soon as there is adequate evidence of some manifestation that can be tested/verified, I'm happy to consider it.

    is called "close minded" while the stance of:

    >I can't prove god exists in any observable/verifiable way, but I believe it anyway, and nothing anyone can say will change my mind.

    is what the person calling me close-minded adheres to.

    There are many others. But this has to be my personal "favorite."


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