Saturday, May 05, 2007

National Day of Prayer never had a prayer

Several more prominent blogs have already reported on this, arguably making its coverage here superfluous. But it's just so hilarious that I couldn't not remark upon it. In Washington D.C., no one bothered to turn up to the National Day of Prayer event on the Capitol lawn. They set up 600 folding chairs, and a podium with a huge PA system. But there were never any more than four seats occupied. The official spokesman for the International Bible Reading Association responded to this ultimate in flopdom by saying, cryptically, "This isn't that kind of event." What kind of event? The kind where people turn up at all, you mean, thereby making it an "event" in the first place? Then why set up 600 folding chairs?

Now comes the hilarious part. The aforementioned spokesman is one Jeff Gannon (real name James Guckert), best known for having the most unusual career trajectory in all Washington. Prior to finding his way into the White House press corps, where he was essentially a plant whose role was lobbing Democrat-bashing softball questions at Bush, he was offering his services for $200 an hour at, a gay online escort service. Now he's the spokesman for the International Bible Reading Association? Truly, the Lord works in mysterious ways. But then, I suppose He can afford the 200 bucks.

Jeff Gannon before...

...and after.

You think Jeff let Bush have that one on the house?

Praise the Lord and pass the KY!

I'm sorry. That was pretty bad. Even for me.

PS: The article goes on to state that a counter-rally for the National Day of Reason held nearby by the Beltway Atheists drew only five people (one more than the NDOP crowd!), indicating that the whole thing is, to the general public, pretty much a non-event. Which I'm pleased to see. The more that the efforts of the theocrats are met with blanket indifference by the public at large, to the point where even protest actions are seen as utterly unnecessary, the happier we'll all be. Nevertheless, our own Don Baker reports that the NDOR gathering in Austin went over rather well, so perhaps we can persuade him to blog about it for those who couldn't attend.


  1. Ohmygawd, what IS it with Shrub and his baldie fetish??!!?!??? I swear, every frikkin' time he sees a bald head, he has to grope it and/or slobber all over it.

    ~Yeesh~!!! Creepy.

  2. I just did a Yahoo! search for "Democracy not theocracy"--and got a ton of hits. It's a catchy phrase--maybe we need to make it more of a slogan and add something like: "Not in Iran, not in Iraq--NOT IN THE U.S.A.!!!"

    I think it would be a good time to hold up that parallel and make that point with some catchy little slogan on t-shirts and stickers--not just on a cable news show talking-head soundbyte. One site looked like it was selling stickers--but I want the Middle East phrase added. I think it's meaningful.

  3. Oh their God! I didn't realize there was a PLACE to GO for the day of reason. My wife and I could have brought it up to three more than the prayer circle.

    Christ, I think 'See You at the Pole' gets more people than the national day of prayer!

  4. Did they contract out setting up the chairs? Those being set up is about the only thing that suprises me about this. Those people coulnd't organize the kleenex concession at a cat show.

    I'd go into the Christological implications of a "National Day of Prayer event on the Capitol lawn but I think the humorous aspect of this abortive display should stand for the perfect example of Dada that it clearly was.

  5. Gannon/Guckert sure likes rubbing it in W's face, now don't he?


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