Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Because goofing on YEC's is just fun!

Young Earth Creationists are not exactly the brightest lights on the tree, as we all know. And the dimmest bulbs among them have to be Kent Hovind's dwindling fan club.

In the way creationists in general think that facts will change to conform to beliefs, Hovind supporters have whipped up one of these stupid online petitions in the hopes of getting him pardoned and released. If there has ever been a case in the history of the internet where an online petition has impacted or changed — well — anything, I haven't heard about it. But to think the Florida criminal justice system would actually reverse a felony conviction and prison sentence on the basis of a handful of people signing an online petition is a particularly pitiful brand of stupidity. I mean, you'd have to be stupid enough to believe the earth is only 6000 years old or something to believe that!

Naturally, the atheist and science blogosphere has been having some fun at these poor fools' expense, just as they did with that numbskulled Christianity Today poll a few days back. A few people have posted phony signatures to the "Free Hovind" petition, but I, like PZ, would discourage this. Hell, it's just mean, like taking candy from a baby. The better choice for a mocking response has been the "Keep Hovind in Jail!" counter-petition, which, as of this morning, has 843 signatures to the pro-Hovind poll's 53 (and some of those 53, as I indicated, are pranks). The YEC's who started the "Free Kent" petition are aware of the counter-petition, and have gone into full "Mommy mommy, the monsters under the bed are trying to eat me!" mode.

Now of course, a key difference is that the people who started the "Keep Hovind in Jail!" petition know online petitions are bogus. The reason for the counter-petition is to give the poor deluded dimwits who still have the wool pulled over their eyes where Hovind is concerned a blunt reality check. The man was a liar and a con artist, a schemer and a deliberate crook. And those fine Christians who think he actually told them the truth about dinosaurs and the age of the earth are the victims of his most egregious and inexcusable con, and their views are not in the mainstream here.

Yes, sometimes it seems mean to pound on the religiously deluded and uneducated. But sometimes a little "tough love" is needed. Signing your name to "Keep Hovind in Jail!" isn't really like participating in an "iPetition." Think of it more as an "iIntervention".


  1. Who are the fools here. Dr. Hovind has a standing offer to anyone who can prove evolution and not one of you are willing to collect.

    $250,000. offer

    You say YEC's are foolish and you will not collect free money. hahahahah whatever. You keep claiming things that you can't prove like there is no God, we came from frogs or monkeys or better explosions, or that you will not spend eternity in hell.

  2. The above comment was almost certainly written by cretinous manchild Dan Marvin, who continues to display his infantile dishonesty by posting here anonymously despite his ban. (Usually in the form of juvenile "hahahah" type remarks. And this is a grown man. Physcially, anyway. What an embarrassment he must be to his faimly.)

    Anyway, the reason I went ahead and decided to publish this one is to let him and people just as stupid as he is know that Hovind's $250,000 "challenge" has, for a long time, been an open joke among real scientists, and is just more of Hovind's idiocy. Among other things, he lays out a nonsense definition of evolution and demands scientists prove his version of it -- essentially demanding that scientists prove things they aren't claiming at all. So the test is actually designed to be unwinnable (although it's quite apparent that Hovind is actually stupid enough to think his distorted caricature of evolution is accurate).

    If Hovind wanted proof of evolution, he could simply take an undergraduate level introductory Biology 101 course. Of course, Hovind prefers to get his degrees by mail order, and to go to an actual university would oblige him to disabuse himself of his habit of thinking he gets to make up his own bogus definitions of what scientific theories actually say. Hovind is clearly too mentally dysfunctional to do so.

    As for the rest of what's written above, well, we simply see the pitiful spectacle of a man trying to get through life in an uneducated and intellectually deficient state. I mean, his wife must have to tell him how to put his socks on. It's a truly woeful spectacle, and a warning to everyone of the danger religion poses to the healthy function of the mind.

  3. Aha...I laughed myself silly at the YEC's response to the counter poll. It's hard to believe they are actually serious. I swear that they sound like they are parodying themselves.

    "The infidel atheists appear to be beating us. We must pray harder!"


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