Sunday, May 06, 2007

Maybe not the best sales pitch...?

Uh....What exactly do they do to you at these services!?


  1. I think they discuss how they’re going to blow up an impenetrable space station the size of a small moon by shooting a small exhaust vent.

    Force be with you, Amen.

  2. The glowing cross and marquee are also fairly reminiscent of Marilyn Manson’s title and album cover for ‘The Last Tour on Earth’.

  3. I was looking for a place that made sense after reading so many religious blogs. Thanks. A breath of fresh air.


  4. R U kidding these people spouts hate and call everyone trolls or liars who do not agree with them. They are bigots and that smell is not fresh air it is hate filled feces that they learned to throw from their monkey ancestors.

  5. Owww! Truly thou hast cut us to the quick, O Nameless One! The bitterness of your acid tongue is matched only by the courage with which you hide behind anonymity.

    So, how was the service, anyway? :-D


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