Saturday, January 20, 2007

TAM 5: Saturday a much better day!

The many technical glitches that marred even the best speakers' presentations yesterday seemed to have been mostly smoothed over and dealt with. Today was, overall, a much more satisfying day. Even the lunch was better: hot food instead of cold cut sandwiches. Consistently funny, engaging, and sometimes contentious, each speaker had a lot to offer.

But I'm going to wait until I get home Sunday night to blog the day, mainly because I'm wiped out. I just feel like coming down and relaxing, and not thinking about recapping and analyzing all the speakers just right yet. So look for coverage and photos of Saturday shortly. For now, I can say that if you ever find it in your budget to go to TAM, go. It's been a terrific experience and a great little vacation, and TAM 6 is scheduled for summer 2008, not January, giving you 18 months to plan.

Yawn. Me for bed.


  1. I'm very interested to hear what Christopher Hitchens talked about. He is such a controversial character.

  2. Hitchens proclaimed a dire warning that Islam was a totalitarian religion and becoming (or already is) quite dangerous.

    In the panel discussion a fellow speaker tried to address the fact not all Islamists are fundies. Hitchens restated his belief the religion itself was toltalitarian.

    While I tend to agree with Hitchens on Islam's basic tenets, all people following any religion are never all fundamentalist thus don't subscribe to the all religion's tenets.

    Considering the last paper presented Sunday demonstrated the folly of the news media hyping threats, but also considering we are in a war with these particular fundies, it's really hard to judge just how worried we should be.


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