Tuesday, January 16, 2007

From the Dept. of Making Your Life Easy

Why not watch the TV show right here? Look for future episodes as they become available.

Atheist Experience #482, 1/7/07: Prediction.

Russell explains how "prophets" and "psychics" fool people.


  1. Who are these two strangers lip-syncing to my favorite Podcast???

  2. I've been listening to the podcast for several months, but this is the first time I've seen the video. As they say, Russ and Matt, you two have faces that were made for radio!

    I envisioned a set something like on 20/20 or Dateline. I think I'll just stick with the audio podcast from now on, and just re-imagine the fancy set and animated repartee between good-looking hosts. I'm definitely not going to spoil my idea of Tracie - she does look something like Kari Byron, right?

  3. It's cable access, Curt. You were expecting a Dateline set!?

  4. Damn, Russell is sexy.

    Martin, why don't you just post 5 minute clips from the tv show? That might attract more viewers, and its easier to upload, yada yada.

  5. I wasn't really expecting a Dateline set, I just wanted to give them a little flak. Seriously, though, it's interesting how audio-only allows your mind to fill in the details, and this is often much nicer than the real video.

    I've heard Garrison Kiellor talk about this effect. He tells a story about how exciting it was when he was a kid listening on the radio to the New York festivities at the turn of a new year - with Guy Lombardo and his orchestra all dressed formally, on horseback. He was disappointed when they got a TV.

  6. Alice,

    I'm not the one putting the clips up. I think Don Baker is just loading entire episodes to Google Video. I'm just embedding the code here. I guess how easy or hard it is to view them is all dependent upon your internet connection. Nothing I can control, sorry. Maybe if you went directly to Google Video they'd be easier to stream? [clueless shrug]

  7. OMG, Curt!!! I just looked up "Kari Byron" to see if I look like her. Hard to tell from some of the angles! Oh my!!!

    I can tell you I definitely will be wearing more clothes on the show!

    Please don't write in to tell me what a disappointement my mug was after viewing video. I'll own up that I'm probably a lot older than Kari--and am probably flattering myself to say that I _might_ have been so cute 20 years ago?

    Yes, by all means, keep your fantasy intact!




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