Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Plugola: The Skeptical Eyebrow launches

Those of you who enjoyed hearing Gia and Chris on the recent Non-Prophets the three of us did will be pleased to know they have started a little talk show of their own called The Skeptical Eyebrow, which is apparently a Hitchens quote. This isn't a podcast but a YouTube channel, so go subscribe. They've only started, but their first discussion has to do with the recent "Should skeptics walk on eggshells around theism?" kerfuffle Matt has been addressing here. I suspect they'll refine their little show as it goes along (like, both audio and video together). They'll be bringing more folks into the conversations in future too. So go check them out and give some constructive feedback if you have it.


  1. I hope they're good...I need to fill the void that P.Z. Myers is leaving. Saaaaaad...

  2. Yeah it's good and all.. but it's just not the same without Martin's sexy voice ;)

  3. Haha. You're too kind. I'm glad to see our readers flocking over there and subscribing. And to tell the truth Gia and Chris are a little gobsmacked, as they basically did these three initial uploads as "an experiment" to see if their conversational format worked. Oh well, silly me, inviting the whole block to the party. (blush)

    Hope everyone remembers they're just getting started on this, so it's going to be a little lo-tech and on-the-fly at first. So if you can think of any encouraging comments to give them, that'd be swell. More atheist voices out there is a Good Thing.

  4. Yaay, subscribed at once :D

  5. The experiment worked, now make it a podcast! =)

  6. I concur, breaking it up into smaller chunks can be annoying (Which is my common complaint with youtube series in general)

    If it's because they don't know of alternative systems for establish a podcast, they should look at something like talkshoe.com

    Talkshoe seemed to work well for other podcasts/conferences that I've listened to, even with archiving, as far as I know.

    I did enjoy their discussion despite that.

  7. You need to get Leonard Nimoy to give you the rights to use his likeness as a logo: http://hot4spock.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/squire3.png?w=398&h=414


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