Sunday, July 18, 2010

Open thread on show #666

Sorry most of the week was quiet around here, gang. I'll try to have some good posts for you in the upcoming. For now, we'll open this one up as a general thread on today's show, the highly anticipated Episode 666. There have been hints that hijinks, tomfoolery, and shenanigans of some nature will ensue. Then again, it could just end up being a normal episode of taking calls. Or Matt and Jeff could stun us all by converting to Zoroastrianism and sacrificing a life-size gummy bear, not that the two things have anything to do with one another. Nothing for you to do but watch and find out, is there?


  1. Yeah I put in a request to both Ray Comfort and Shock of God to man up and call in, but I would be amazed is they do.

  2. To quote In Flames, "This is episode 666. Destination: Chaos"

  3. This episode has been so over-hyped, I'm expecting Ray Comfort as special caller and PZ Myers as thrid co-host or it'll be an anti-climax! ;)

  4. Watching live. The best 666 show you guys could have is one with good callers. Good luck!

  5. Cannot wait to see that one.

  6. Well, I don't think they got a good call until Tracy.

  7. I made the mistake of joining the chat room today. I must confess, I don't understand the mood in there. All they do is bitch and complain nonstop about there not being enough theist callers. Then one calls, and they whine about that guy not being good enough, and they should get rid of him.

  8. Russell, the reason is clear: You've spoiled us rotten ;)

  9. I had such high hopes for babyeatingness on show #666.

    Still a good show though.

  10. I also messaged ShockofGod. I guess that guy's motto is "let's not and say we did" though.

    Anyway, the special credits sequence was amazing, and that's all I'll say about the episode.

  11. For the curious, the music is from Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana." It describes an orgiastic carousel at a medieval monastery. It's all in Latin, but here's a translation of a small part:

    "To the Pope as to the king
    they all drink without restraint.
    The mistress drinks, the master drinks,
    the soldier drinks, the priest drinks,
    the man drinks, the woman drinks,
    the servant drinks with the maid,
    the swift man drinks, the lazy man drinks,
    the white man drinks, the black man drinks,
    the settled man drinks, the wanderer drinks,
    the stupid man drinks, the wise man drinks,
    The poor man drinks, the sick man drinks,
    the exile drinks, and the stranger,
    the boy drinks, the old man drinks,
    the bishop drinks, and the deacon,
    the sister drinks, the brother drinks,
    the old lady drinks, the mother drinks,
    this man drinks, that man drinks,
    a hundred drink, a thousand drink..."

    That does it, I'm going to go have drink.

  12. This was probably the most boring episode ever. Ya know, on the one hand I want to call in because I have a few arguments against theism that I've come up with and never heard discussed but at the same time I don't want to ruin the show by wasting time wrapping up the phone lines with an atheist. Everybody know the show is enjoyable when the hosts argue with theists. We got none of that today. There was one guy in the last 10 minutes and he pretty much agreed with Matt. Jeff didn't even get his epic eyebrows flaring today. I've emailed my arguments in to the show, and posted some in the blog, and I've never gotten a response but I decided still that I won't call in. And I'm not going to plug my youtube channel either. I just want other atheists to take a hint and stopping calling the show. I know you guys appreciate when we thank you but seriously it's ruining the show!!! Maybe you ought to get better call screeners, but ultimately it's the fault of the fans. They're just ruining it. I never thought I'd be rooting so enthusiastically for Christians. sheesh

  13. Blast,

    Find an articulate, knowledgeable believer and have him call in.

  14. I hate to say it, but I miss the trolls who'd call in.

  15. This show was worth it if only because I think Tracy actually took something away from it. Matt was far more patient than I was and I think it paid off.

  16. The hosts have already said theists get pushed to the front of the line, so I see no point in asking atheists not to call in. Unless they have a really limited number of lines (is this a problem, crew?).

    The way I see it, not many theists are calling, so it is probably better than dead air or the hosts having to prepare enough material to fill an hour. In the days when they have done that, it is usually great, but it has to be a ton of work.

    Anyway, there have been a lot of atheist callers who brought up topics that were more interesting than the typical rehash crap that most theists actually call in with. I think you need a mix or it would become boring.

  17. I wouldn't mind shows with topics increasing with frequency again. It could be that a nice controversial topic provokes people to call.

    It could be that you guys have been successful and have deconverted most theists in society.

    It's probably most likely that as the show has gained notoriety and reputation, that theists just know enough to avoid calling in. The local pool of theists have all probably run the gauntlet, with few desiring to run again.

    When they start to understand that they don't have the power/might to simply shout down anyone who disagrees with them, with ever decreasing numbers to back them up, and are more likely to be pushed back, chastised and/or humiliated, they become more reluctant to throw their weight around.

    To those theists who have recently entered the League of Self-Censorship, joining the rest of the battered minorities, I say "Welcome".

    Now get out.

  18. Why must people moan and complain at Matt/Jeff (or indeed any of those involved in producing the programme) in relation to the callers not being sufficiently interesting (or provocative). It's not their fault if theists don't call in.

  19. "It gets me so mad I just want to start another revolution! forgive me I'm French"

    -caller quote of the month right there!

  20. I hope this time the video has a good synchronization. Last video was impossible to watch because the video delay (and slow motion) compared to the audio.

  21. OK, I listen via podcast... please tell me there was at least an interpretive dance that went along with the Omen music. I can understand your downplaying of the 666th episode as inconsequential and the intro was excellent, but come one...

  22. does 666 mean "season 6, episode 6"? or have you guys actually done 665 shows? if it's the latter, well done. that's amazing.

  23. @ Bill, yes, number 666 :)

    I've just began to watch, the intro is great! An I love how Matt begins with "we couldn't care less".
    No reactions from fundies? Any outrage? Anything? :(

  24. Now that I've seen the graphics that went with the intro... no interpretive dance necessary. Fantastic job!

  25. While it is true that the music from the very cool intro is from Carmina Burana, minus mistakenly referred to "In Taberna Quando Sumus". The ones used are "O Fortuna" and "Fortune Plango Vulnera" which are basically just bitching about ups and downs of fortune.

    Just in case.

  26. I like JT's idea, get more themed shows.

    Cover ideas that are not even related to atheism, healthcare for example, and then you can show the various religious views on these topics compared to the actual views they should have according to their Holy books.

    e.g. Welfare, or income redistribution, is vilified by he Christian right yet Christ said: "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter into the kingdom of heaven" and "if you wish to be perfect, go sell your possessions and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven."

  27. I agree with JT also.
    Don Baker used to bring in good topics and Tracie Harris had great stuff. Not to diminish the contributions of other co-hosts.

    Oddly I really miss the crank calls.
    I think many theist callers don't want to find their call on youtube with a hundred comments that start LOL.

  28. To clarify
    this is not the 666th episode.
    it's basically the 666th week since the show started.
    the show will get bumped a couple times a year. (goddamn mormons)
    there is still a show number for that week but no show.


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