Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Non-Prophets podcast updated with episode 9.6... and 9.7!

Yep, you heard right. Not is the excellent episode recorded by Martin, Gia and Chris now available through conventional means, but Lynnea and I have been busy as well. This weekend we called up European internet buddy Dean Jones. You can download both by subscribing to the podcast or direct download at http://www.nonprophetsradio.com.


  1. For those who listen on headphones, find speakers. Russell and Lynnea come in through one ear and Dean through the other, for me anyway. It feels strange to hear it like that.

    Other than that, I'm sure it'll be a great episode once I finish. With speakers.

  2. Yeah, I've never tried recording a skype call before, and the program I used does that by default. I'd like to figure out how to fix that in editing, but it will take some time to figure it out.

    I have the original uncut mp3 file, and anyone who is good with sound editing is more than welcome to edit that or the online version.

  3. Two episodes in one day?

    This is an unprecedented event, unseen in the entire scope of the history of the universe!


  4. If you're using Audacity, open the file and click "Split Stereo Track" on the dropdown menu for that track. You should have two tracks now that you can switch to Mono in the same menu. You can play it from there or export it to a new file.

  5. Christian against Christian

    Muslim against Muslim

    I would like to see an ae episode of this phenomenon and hope the theists call in to see their excuses or justifications, but most likely dismissals.

  6. Ah, Tuesday evening won't be quite as boring now. Thanks Russell and Lynnea.

  7. Just on the stereo problem.
    I use VLC player as my media player.
    Just set the playback to mono and makes headphone playback less strange.

  8. I've converted the file to mono and uploaded it to rapidshare:


    Let me know if you have any problems.

  9. For those of you that haven't read about Twilight's really -really- heavy Mormon leanings, you should read stoney321's summaries of the books. She's an ex-Mormon and has a unique perspective...

    For example, the wandering tribe of Werewolves, that are all Native Americans, have for the most part Jewish Old Testament names. Because Native Americans are a tribe of Israel, right?

    LDS Sparkledammerung: Twilight Stonified

  10. Double-submitted post by gdw; I meant to delete one but accidentally deleted both:

    "Wow, we're getting more episodes during the hiatus than when the show was bi-weekly. It's a freaking miracle."

  11. Just a bit of insight from across the pond regarding the Pope's visit. As you'll have seen, the UK's contribution has already risen to £20m, as well as the £7m from the Vatican, £1.1m of which was actually risen through special collections made in Catholic Churches in the UK. That is still not including the policing costs. Based on similar events in the past, the NSS estimates it will cost around £100m, most of which will come from local police budgets, without any extra funding from central government. These police forces are already facing huge budget cuts because the new coalition government here is intent on screwing around with public services.

    Now the reason the cost is being split between the government and the Vatican (normally the government would fund it entirely) is because the main reason for the visit is to beatify Cardinal Newman. I believe this was originally going to take place in Coventry Airport but the location has changed because it'll cost too much. I'm starting to ask myself how the UK will benefit from this visit at all! It seems that we're actually going to be losing quite a lot, because besides the costs, the Pope is also expected to slag off our equality legislation! We really don't care what he thinks and we're not going to be exporting much to the Vatican, so what benefits are there at all?

  12. I've uploaded the mono version to nonprophetsradio. If you already have the audio file then you will need to download it again.

  13. Isn't it peculiar that we're getting more frequent episodes now, when you're on hiatus, than during your normal schedule?

    Maybe you should extend the hiatus indefinitely :)

    Love you guys.

  14. Whats gia chris youtube channels

  15. So what, you guys blowing off updating the iTunes feed?

    The first "guerilla" episode made it on there, so what gives??

  16. A little pedantry: "octopi" is a fake Latinism. Octopus has Greek roots (as is platypus), so "octopodes" would be better, but since Greek plurals aren't really productive in English, you might as well just say "octopuses".

  17. Lukas is right. Bi-weekly is not enough anymore, we're addicted!

  18. Hey, Russel. Just heard your episode and noticed that the audio levels were a bit uneven, especially early in the show.

    Otherwise, good show. Keep 'em coming.


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