Saturday, July 10, 2010

Can't teach an old dog new tricks?

Another viewer mail worthy of sharing:

I found Atheist Experience on Youtube when browsing on the web. I am writing in reference to the statement in one episode that the journey from theism to atheism can, for some people, be long and painful. It was long for me, about 75 years, but not painful. I just stumbled gradually toward atheism over the years as I read a great deal and thought more about my religion. During my early 30s I left the Lutheran Church for the Unitarians, where I remain, but I gradually changed my belief from the traditional Unitarian position that God is one to that of the agnostic, and eventually to what I understand is a strong agnostic. But, by watching the episodes of Atheist Experience I realized that I was not intellectually consistent to require evidence for either that God exists or does not exist while maintaining that I do not believe in Santa Claus because here is no evidence that he exists. I don't require evidence that he does not. You provided the final argument to convince me to become an atheist: that it is irrational to believe something for which there is no evidence.

Your program does two marvelous things: (1) It helps people like me, who have a stumbling block in their reasoning, to think more clearly. And (2), and this is most important, it demonstrates that persons such as I was, who are on their journey towards atheism, need not be alone on that journey.

I am approaching my 86th birthday. My only regret is that I do not expect to be here when the atheist position will no longer be detrimental to a person's social position or employment, nor considered a factor in determining a person's qualification to hold public office.

My best wishes for you and the ACA.

Positively made my day!


  1. I feel lucky really that i don't have to ever find myself in this position! It's a touching reminder that there are many still out there that are not in the position we, or even they it often appears, would like!

    Thanks for sharing TH.

    JC x

  2. What a nice letter. I feel warm inside.

  3. I am always amazed at the importance of atheism v. theism for North Americans. Here in Britain atheism is almost the default position.

  4. see all the good work that you do...?

  5. It took 75 fucking years? That is extrodinarily depressing.

  6. I'm from Atheist Ireland and I find it really encouraging when older persons come up to me and say how they wished an organisation such as ours was around when they were young.
    You would often expect older persons to be more religiously conservative but thinking about it, by grandmother is more liberal than my sisters - weird.

  7. Congratulations for him :D


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