Thursday, July 01, 2010

A cruel, gratuitous taunt

Hey. Guess what Matt and I have done today that you haven't...?

Heard the newly-completed full-length version of Bryan Steeksma's "Listen to Reason," that's what. Verdict: Damn!

Patience, grasshoppers.... (In the meantime, you can still buy Residual Soul.)

As has been noted, the full-length song is available for download now.


  1. Patience??? Don't try and reason with me, buddy. I want a copy of that song! Do you accept bribes?

  2. I'm crying. Are you happy now?

  3. Bryan Steeksma already advertized it on his YouTube page:
    "LISTEN TO REASON: available now @"
    I haven't tried but it looks like you can buy it now.

  4. I thought the title refered to what a fundie had said about the billboard campaign.

  5. Ok, the aforementioned link works.
    "Did you feel the way I felt
    did you kneel the way I knelt
    did you stand up and yell
    pleading for someone to help and
    Listen to Reason
    Open your eyes
    It’s a wonder what you'll find with an open mind
    You may be surprised

  6. I really hate that fucking song. Switching up the intro music would be greatly appreciated.

  7. You can get it on CDBaby. It's bloody fantastic.

  8. I originally read "A cruel, gratuitous taint" and it was some time before I got the courage to read the rest of the post.

  9. @skepticmatt I don't hate the song, but I don't particularly like it either and I don't understand the hype at all. It's very firmly a theme song. It works to set the tone or expectation of the show, but on its own, it falls very flat.

  10. @skepticmatt: I'm not terribly fond of "Listen to Reason" either.

    To be honest, I miss the days when each episode had its own specially chosen intro music (which was usually selected to fit the topic of the episode). I'd be fine with "Listen to Reason" every now and again, just as I'd be fine with virtually any song every now and again.

    I understand the desire for a recognizable "theme song," but I suppose I wish that I enjoyed the song more and didn't kind of cringe at it.

  11. Just to balance the negative opinions, I do like it...
    But it wouldn't be bad, sometimes, to choose songs to fit the topic. Without copyright-problems, of course.

  12. Well, not everyone can be expected to like the same style of music, or the same song, or the same anything in life. We're very happy with the song, and happy to have inspired a talented musician to write the song, and happy to be able to send a lot of attention his way and promote his career as well. So it's all a big support loop. And we'd rather do that than just play tracks from people who are already millionaire major label artists because they may have a song whose theme can be tied into that day's show. Someday, we may tire of "L2R" and switch to another theme song. In that regard, my suggestion is: if any of the rest of you are songwriters and musicians, why not take a crack at something better?

  13. I'm with skepticmatt. I wish Steeksma nothing but success, but find myself turning down the volume to avoid hearing that particular song at the start of TAE.

    (I was sort of hoping that "I'm Gonna Punch You in the Head for Jesus" would be chosen.)

  14. Yay! I will buy this soon...if he makes it available on Napster I can use my "Coke Reward" points to get it instead...

    Also planning to get the 2nd Greydon Square album soon.

    I like the song, and I understand why AE can't just choose random music owing to copyright restrictions.

    The guys at Rooster Teeth farm out their podcast intros to their audience and always have something unique to play. I still like the "Punch you in the head for Jesus" song...I'd buy that one. Ditto Eddie Goombah's "You're a Fucktard, Aren't You Kent?" (the Kent Hovind song)

    Thank you Bryan for filling out the song to full length and making it available for sale.

  15. Well I like the goddamned song.


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