Sunday, July 04, 2010

Joys of the Internet

Someone notified me this morning that I've been misrepresented publicly as making anti-gay statements in a correspondence. In light of that, I am sharing the entire content of the statement I made this morning, in order to show accurately what I said. Fortunately, I shared the content of the messages with several people immediately after having the exchange. So, I actually have people who can vouch, including Jen Peeples who was online this morning, and who also happens to be gay, and a good friend.

The response I received was actually cordial, and I thought all was well (although apparently not):

I called Matt immediately, and he advised that I post this as the one and only response necessary to such obvious slander. I am sure my record speaks for itself, and that punative lies will not be taken seriously by anyone who knows me and/or my views.


  1. I'm sure that most of you could find the comments that blatantly lie about what Tracie wrote. You're free to do so, but I hope you won't bother...and here's why:

    I suggested Tracie post this, so that those who find the comments have the option of setting the record straight.

    We won't be posting the name of the individual or linking to their slanderous comments because it's clear that this individual is in need of help.

    I sincerely hope she gets it.

  2. I can and hereby officially do personally attest to the accuracy of Tracie's post.... I got the full exchange earlier this morning before the offending person posted the (absolutely ghastly and twisted) rant against Tracie and this is word-for-word what I saw...

    If only Ed Wood were still alive to make Plan-9 from Outer Space Part Deux - I know someone who'd make a great main character.....


  3. I am dropping in on the comments here as I am astounded by the level of idiocy of this out and out slander.

    Tracie had contacted me this morning to discuss how she could handle the situation of a fan who was being excessive in their mails/postings and who had revealed they had a crush on her. In our conversation at all times Tracie had the feelings of the poster at the forefront of her reply and wanted to make sure that her reply would best serve the fan.

    In my view this is a case of an inability to handle rejection, even in its mildest form. Tracie's reply (the actual one not the angry youtube full 'o crap remix) perfectly shows her as she is, kind and understanding.

    I know from many personal conversations with her that Tracie is fully supportive of the gay community and I know how angry she gets when there is an injustice.

    I guess I am just trying to say that I support Tracie and hope she continues to do the awesome work she and the TAE team have been doing.

    I'll also echo Matt in that I genuinely feel like this person needs to talk to someone. Perhaps someone not on the internet, go find a friend or talk to a family member. You have wasted time in your life knowingly slandering someone, surely you know that you need to resolve some issues.


  4. I don't know the full context of the situation here, but considering the things that Tracie has said about gays in past shows, it seems very unlikely that she would have purposefully made anti-gay statements.

    Although, I don't see it as unlikely that someone would get a crush on her ;p

  5. I can, indeed, vouche for Tracie on this one. She shared the content of the message with me this morning, and we had a lengthy chat about it. We both agreed that this person's behavior is the problem, not her sexual orientation. I'm gay, and I'd have handled the situation as Tracie did.

    I will further say that I've never heard Tracie say anything even remotely anti-gay. The author of this email, on the other hand, seems to think there's something wrong with being a lesbian. The self-hatred in her correspondence is painful. I hope she gets some professional help.

  6. I'm an outsider to the whole situation. Being a fan of the show and a rare commenter on this blog is my entire connection to anyone and everyone involved. I'm also one of those snarky Internet people who finds reason to be a wise-ass in most instances.

    It is from that perspective that I'm posting this... and it pains me to say it... but I hope everyone outside of the situation can keep the snark and nastiness to a minimum. I know that fans of the show will want to defend Tracie's honor, but I think this posting of her side of it accomplishes that pretty well.

    Tracie is being mature and sensible about the whole thing. Matt D. makes the wise suggestion not to hunt down the offending comments, and by extension the person who made them. I'd just like to add that if you are driven to find out the other person's side of it, that you leave the woman alone about it.

    The whole drama seems to me to be in part over people who take things on the Internet a little further than what is necessarily appropriate. I hope that the people who run across this situation get the point of it, and don't run out and blow this even more out of proportion.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go shout profanities at the wall for a few minutes to get it out of my system! :)

  7. Along the same lines as Gareth just posted, TH is most certainly supportive of us, erm, gays and though i can't speak on the subject in the first person, i'm sure also that the courtesy is extended to the lesbian community also. Though also in my discussions about it, i'd concluded that, though she was deluded, she was in the "harmless" bracket generally, espcially given her replies to TH, however, she is clearly a loony, and frankly i'm surprised that she is an atheist; her particular type of idiocy is usually associated strongly with the type of crackpot who i would expect to be a nun or somesuch!

    Quite unsurprisingly however is the show of support not only from those who know TH personally, but also from members of the public whose observations have led them also to conclude that this ridiculous woman is just that. Ridiculous!

    If the law is something similar to here in England, then i'm sure slander is a crime?


  8. I've been blocked from posting on her videos (big surprise) and she responded to an e-mail request to take down the videos by completely ignoring any indication that she was lying.

  9. I would like to thank everyone for the show of support. And let me assure you that I am in no way distressed by this. I was simply shocked, I think is the best description. Had someone simply accused me of being a homophobe, asshole, bitch or pretty much anything else, I would not have even bothered with a reply. It was the claim that I had made statements I clearly had not that I thought required an address.

    Thankfully I kept the Facebook chat and was able to post the content for the blog (thanks Matt, for suggesting that). And, wisely, I had the good sense to discuss this exchange with my friends and colleagues--whose opinions I regard--who are now able to support my claims as well.

    I'm very fortunate to have such friends. Thank you, all, sincerely.

  10. If you'll pardon an ignorant foreigner, I'm a little confused as to why you feel this merits the attention it's getting?
    Tracy's responses seem to be clear, inoffensive, politically correct, and a matter of record.

    Notwithstanding, to say that someone, (regardless of sex or sexual oriention) has a crush on Tracy is a truism!
    She is one on the most "crushable" ladies I can think of, off the top of my head.
    However, If a man were to exercise the same lack of control, and lack of respect for the fact that she is in a committed relationship, enough say to merit her expression of distaste or rejection of his ambitions, would he have the right to call her a "hetero-phobic bigot" ?

  11. I usually hate to write a "jump-on-the-bandwagon" type reply, but I want Tracie to know that anyone who has seen her on the show or read her posts knows that homophobia is not a part of her character.

    And I agree with Lurker... Hell, I'm a gay man and I have a crush on Tracie!


  12. Y'all are making me laugh. Thanks!

  13. "I would like to thank everyone for the show of support. And let me assure you that I am in no way distressed by this. I was simply shocked, I think is the best description. Had someone simply accused me of being a homophobe, asshole, bitch or pretty much anything else, I would not have even bothered with a reply. It was the claim that I had made statements I clearly had not that I thought required an address."

    To look at it in a positive light. I tend to view it that you havnt' arrived until you've inspired someone to try to take you down. Cograds

  14. goodness.....sorry u had such a stressful 4th of july!

    which self respecting person would talk about themselves in such a derogatory way......a visit to the doctor is in order, for sure!!

  15. Devil's advocate and all, the only thing I see that sounds a bit off in Tracie's comment is the "would be unnerving even from a male fan." This seems to imply that there is a space where a male fan could acceptably express romantic interest which would be unacceptable if done by a gay woman. The "cordial" reply referring to being "grossed out by a dyke," would seem to be a warning sign to me. I imagine that context is quite important to all this. I am certainly not saying anything about Tracie's character or beliefs, I'm just pointing out some phrasing that is at least potentially ambiguous and could lead to certain, I assume inaccurate, conclusions.

  16. Well, even so, this woman's responses to the entire situation have been so beyond the pale, and disproportionately histrionic to the perceived offense, that even taking your opinions of Tracie's remarks into account, there's no way anyone could look at what's going on and say we've been dealing with a person even remotely sensible and sane.

  17. Allienne:

    Here is some context from the original letter, which I did not post:

    >Lots of men seem to be crazy about you, so I know I'm not alone other then that I am a woman and that makes it creepy.

    >Lots of men seem to be crazy about you, so I know I'm not alone other then that I am a woman and that tends to make most hetro women very uncomfortable.

    >I hope you're not completley grossed out, but if you are. I understand because I get even more so grossed out I a dyke hits on me that I'm not interested as apposed to a man.

    When I said "Just to clarify, the note below would be unnerving even from a male fan," I was reassuring her that it's not appropriate even from a male--and that the fact she's a woman makes no difference.

    I hope this clarifies it a bit better.


  18. The thing is that if you're a straight woman and you're approached by a man, even if he's not at all your type and he's going about it all wrong, there's still a theoretical chance. If the situation were different and he'd done things differently. But a straight woman who's approached by a woman, that's just never gonna work. No matter the situation or the approach. That's how I read it.

  19. Tracie, I had the same question as Allienne when I saw this post about the "even" comment. I just wanted you to know that after your explanation I think you're an even better person than I used to, which is saying a lot. I consider you the most compassionate public-internet-atheist I know and your handling of this whole incident had just confirmed this.

  20. It doesn't help that she keeps talking about it...

    I've been there though: No social grace and a few bad comments later, and you're freaking out because you didn't realize how you were acting until you made yourself into an ass.

    Heh, *shrug* I guess we're all weird. Don't let it get ya' down Tracie, it wasn't anything important.

    Oh, and my first post, huzzah.

  21. I don't approve of using Bipolar Disorder as a "Get Out of Stupid Behavior Free" card. I know they claim that's not what they're doing, but... it is.

    And BPD may not be curable, but you can treat the severe highs and lows so these situations can be avoided. Poor woman needs help.

    I don't think you need to fret, though, TH. Anyone who's watched the show knows you're sympathetic to the LGBT community, and that this woman's the problem, not you. :)

  22. Thanks Martin.

    I wasn't sure whether to post the link or not, but I suppose at some point the resolution would have to be discussed. And since I wasn't sure how to do it, glad you took initiative.

    Just to add, I hope everyone will continue on as Matt requested originally. I don't encourage anyone to follow up any further than this blog. It was a one-day Internet drama that ended well, and I'm happy with the resolution. I hope all the supporters of AETV are as well.

    demented: Congrats on your first post with us!

    To everyone else, thanks again!


  23. Wow that is completely creepy. I hope you know who this is so you can contact the authorities if necessary. Is it true there were also some videos involved.

  24. Well this is my first post on this particular subject... and it's already over.

    I'm glad that the person in this case accepts that they were acting inappropriately - and I wonder if the reaction her words have created had some part to play in this: providing societal feedback to her which pulled her out of the 'rut' she was in.

    Tracie has always been a lucid, even-minded, and valuable contributor to the show: accusation of that kind were always going to flounder.

  25. squishy:

    Yes, it's true. Martin has posted the link above to the video apology offered by both channel operators who posted the objectionable content.

    Again, I'm just glad it's resolved, and all the support I need is right here on this blog. So, if you choose to visit the video site, please do so to appease your curiosity only. I don't want any further issues or problems with this. It's done, and I'm happy for the outcome.

  26. I did watch the apology video, but I have no intention of commenting or starting any problems with the person in question. Glad it's resolved :)

  27. I'm glad that everything seems to have been resolved. I was actually trying to be helpful with my comment, and am sorry if it sounded critical, or like a demand for more information. I just saw a possible interpretation to Tracie's statement, and wanted to suggest that it might cause, or have caused, a misunderstanding. Also, if anyone knows about magnets, and how they work, I'd appreciate it.

  28. >This seems to imply that there is a space where a male fan could acceptably express romantic interest which would be unacceptable if done by a gay woman.<

    I know this is all overwith but I do have a quick comment on this.

    I want to concur with Tracie's clarification on this. The _other person_ was the one who expressed the discomfort about the same-sex nature of the situation. To me, Tracie was simply clarifying that the real problem with her behavior was based in other aspects of the exchange.

    I'm heterosexual but I'm uncomfortable just the same when I'm approached in an _inappropriate_ manner by anyone regardless of sex.

    So, even had she not clarified this, I'd still say this was the sentiment of Tracie's remarks.


  29. Alliene:

    I'm very glad you mentioned what you did. I saw someone else who commented they had a similar question. You gave me a chance to clarify, so thanks!

  30. Allienne Goddard said...
    Also, if anyone knows about magnets, and how they work, I'd appreciate it.

    By effing magic, that's how they work. They are remarkably similar to pine cones in that regard.

  31. I would have a crush on Tracie, if she hadn't revealed to me that she prefers Kirk over Picard. This is just wrong.

  32. This all sounds remarkably like a story my daughter went through. But she's confident that 8th grade will be much better.

  33. Well, Tracie! Having to deal with slanderous internet postings because you rubbed some lunatic the wrong way? Sounds like you had your very own Yomin there!

    (For those of you who weren't present a couple of years ago for the whole, insane Yomin episode, here's the reference. For those of you who were, it will amuse you to know that Yomin is running for the Florida House this year in District 91. He isn't doing too well. For one thing, he keeps tripping over his own stupidity.)

  34. This is somewhat... confusing.

  35. Absolutely Martin. Except Yomin just dragged it out for what seemed like eternity--and never offered an apology.

  36. Beamstalk: It's true, and I don't apologize.

    rrpostal: made me laugh!

  37. Well Tracie, we do agree on the Stargate tv shows and their jingoistic nature.

    Picard is still far superior.

  38. Apparently Tracie is so awesome that someone created a YouTube account and video extoling her virtues while being less than complimentary to Bridgette. Just FYI.


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