Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today makes me go wOOt

Hey gang. Did you hear?

George W. Bush is not the president any more! He's gone! Out!

Everybody exhale.

That frackin' miserable useless failure has joined the expanding ranks of our nation's many unemployed!

We have a new guy. I like him. I have high, but realistic hopes for him. I do think there has been a bit of excess from the media hype machine about his inauguration, but I put that down to pride over the fact that the USA, with its utterly appalling history of racism, has elected a non-white president, as well as general excitement over the fact that George W. Bush is no longer the president!

I'm pleased to be living in an America where the people are excited, rather than appalled and embarrassed by, our president. But go easy on the rockstar stuff. President Obama has eight years of almost apocalyptic disaster to fix. It will take time. He will have failures as well as successes. He knows how hard a row he has to hoe. I just want all of his slathering fans supporters to know that too. The higher they build you up, the longer and harder the fall you may be in for. Just remember, Obama is a man, not a messiah. I think he stands to be a better president than most we've had in my lifetime. But let's keep our heads, and stay realistic. Today's excitement aside, tomorrow we're back to workaday. There's a big job ahead.

Good luck, Mr. President.


  1. I tell you, when I saw that helicopter take off with W and his crew in it, the biggest sense of relief came over me and with a giant grin I exclaimed, "IT'S OVER!"

    I can sleep a lot better tonight.

  2. And he even acknowledged the existence of unbelievers in his speech, I was really happy to hear that. Yesterday, I wished I was American.

  3. Of course, he now gets to spend the rest of his life ensconced in a fortress of denial, utterly convinced that he did absolutely nothing wrong - and that, in two or three brief decades, he'll experience eternal bliss.

    Vince Bugliosi (of Helter Skelter fame) said he plans to prosecute him for murder. Even if he's a crackpot, I hope he does it. I sincerely hope that someone makes that man's life (and Cheney's, too) a living hell. I can't stand the fact that they get to simply walk away.

  4. "President Obama has eight years of almost apocalyptic disaster to fix."

    Better luck next time, christian zionists.

  5. Y'know, funny thing about the man/messiah confusion -

    Today the Netherlands government pretty much said that blasphemy was no longer illegal (soon anyway)

    first thing they do?

    Alter Jesus paintings to have Obama's head on them, then put him forth in every newspaper as, of course, Messiah.

  6. I even enjoyed Lowry's prayer!

    I was a Clinton supporter originally, but I think we made a good choice. Hillary would still have been a great choice, but fortunately, we had two this time.

    Here's to hoping the elephants run Palin in 2012. Obama would really have to screw-the-pooch to lose to that Wasila hillbilly.


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