Monday, January 26, 2009

Smackdown of a creationist lecture

The Everything Else Atheist (disclosure: friend of mine, loyal AE viewer, and newbie blogger) just spent an evening tormenting herself by attending a lecture by "Director of Christian Apologetics" Craig J. Hazen. The talk turned out to be as awful as you could hope, but it wasn't a total loss, as we get to enjoy the recap and take-down.


He then told a story about giving evidence for the resurrection to medical students (notice his subtle transition from faith to christianity?). He told them that "Jesus was alive at point A, dead at point B, and alive at point C" and was excited to tell us that their jaws just dropped. I can tell you why their jaws dropped, it's a stupid claim which you given no reasonable evidence for.


  1. They always make up these damn conversion stories. I came across one just the other day - a Jews for Jesus guy claimed he sat next to an Orthodox Jew on a plane, gave him a copy of the New Testament, and, by the time they landed, he'd accepted Christ as his personal savior.

    I won't even call them lies, because I'm sure they go through all the mental gymnastics they need to in order to convince themselves these incidents really take place.

  2. @cipher

    That sounds like fun? Can I do it too?

    I walked into a real redneck church and passed out copies of the God Delusion.

    When I got finished handing out the books, they were all converted to atheism and 2 have won the Nobel prize!

    // Almost believable ...

  3. Oh yeah? Well after the lecture I asked Hazen, "What if you're wrong?" and he replied, "You're right! I'd just be wasting the small amount of time I know I do have alive chasing a vanishingly small possibility of a deity and afterlife! I should focus on improve the rational aspects of human life and leave a positive impact on the earth." and converted him to a secular humanist right there on the spot.

    I neglected to put this information in the original texts, but the 100 people in the lecture hall all saw it and can back me up, and it's so outrageous that I wouldn't make it up, right?

  4. @The Everything Else Atheist
    and it's so outrageous that I wouldn't make it up, right?

    More believable than my story.


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