Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Poor, poor, poor, poor, poor little Ray

Ray Comfort. The Uwe Boll of Christian apologetics.

You know, it'd be pretty easy to do a Ray Comfort Drinking Game. Just take a shot at any straw-man attack on atheists, moronic canard about evolution...

On second thought, alcohol poisoning within minutes might be a real hazard. Better not. Still, he's worth a laugh, poor sad idiot. Notice there are no comments allowed, though. Knock me over with a feather.


  1. Of course there aren't any comments allowed. Almost every sentence on his website requires a page to correct, which means that the comments would quickly make up 99.9% of the content of his page. Bandwidth is expensive, even for people like Comfort who refuse to do honest work.

    Also, he's a dishonest shitstick... are we allowed to say "shitstick" in comments here?

  2. I read the very first sentence, then immediately paused, came up with the response "A Christian believes that an infinitely powerful super intelligent being came from nothing." Then I went looking for a comment button, failed to find one, and stopped reading. My time is more valuable than that.

  3. The number of logical leaps Ray makes on this blog is truly astonishing. But even more astonishing than that is the degree of personal threat which Ray feels because of the mere existence of atheists. It's a little disturbing -- what did we ever do to him?

  4. Ray's fun for a little while, but after following his blog for a month I do begin to wonder if banging my head against a brick wall would be more productive.

    Do you think he realises that he's actually doing Christians a disservice by giving them false information about atheists and their *apparent* beliefs, or doesn't he care? Ray's form of preaching seems more about his own infamy than it does preaching the word of God.

  5. I am with Kazim on this one. One sentence into Comfort and I had already read something reminiscent of stepping in dog crap.

    But, I do thank you, Martin, for mentioning Uwe Boll. I had never heard of him or his films before, and he was good for a healthy belly laugh....

  6. Uwe Boll... does that mean Ray Comfort will someday challenge his critics to a boxing match? I heard Uwe cleaned someone's clock in the ring for talking smack about his films.

  7. From the page for his book "You can lead an Atheist to evidence":

    They don’t see the illogic in professing hatred for something that doesn’t exist—their hatred proves that, deep down, they do know that God exists.

    Seems his whole site and this book are predicated on this kind of crap. I think the site is really just a front to promote his new book, so he isn't interested in any kind of commenting anyway. He's just hoping other fundies will stumble across it and go "yeah!!! duhhr stupid atheists!" and buy his book. Not even worth a second glance if you ask me.

  8. If you think Ray's website is bad, sit down and watch that "program" he does with Kirk Cameron. Whenever I need a good laugh, that's what I turn to. It's hilarious.

  9. I find Ray Comfort to be an endless source of amusement... but only to be taken in limited quantities. I always feel like my IQ starts slowly dropping as I read his stuff, so I have to take a break and let it climb back up to its resting place.

    I agree with Jason that he actually does Christians a disservice with his literary shenanigans. Not only does he misrepresent atheists, but he proposes arguments that are patently absurd, makes statements that set Christian apologetics back decades (if anyone took him seriously), and makes claims that are factually incorrect.

    But that's what makes him so amusing. ;-)


    Surprise, surprise! Apparently Ben Stein didn't get nominated for an Oscar this year.

  11. I go to Ray's blog for laughs now.

    I have started to make absurd straw men about Christians now. It makes me giggle.

  12. But even more astonishing than that is the degree of personal threat which Ray feels because of the mere existence of atheists. It's a little disturbing -- what did we ever do to him?

    He feels threatened by the existence of people who can see through his defense mechanisms - people who consider his "evidence" and come to radically different conclusions. He ridicules and dismisses anyone who disagrees with him in an effort to stave off the ever-present doubt that threatens to overtake him.

    I don't find Ray, Kirk and their ilk amusing; I find them appalling. They aren't merely stupid; they're criminally insane. They're blithely happy to see billions of people suffer for all of eternity - and they represent a constituency of millions. It's because of people like them that I've given up on humanity.

  13. There are comments allowed on the actual Youtube page of the video, at least.

  14. Also, being fair to Ray, he has left an identical post on his own blog, and you may comment freely on that.

  15. The biggest threat he is facing is education. Because...seriously, the only people who would fall for his arguments are people with no education. You can't convince an educated person that a banana is gods version of a soda can.Especially considering that cultivated bananas are a prime example of evolution.

    And i agree. People like him do harm their cause. I never believed in god but it was no other than Kent Hovind that made me realise how manipulative religions are. I stumbled upon one of his videos on google video and couldn't believe how confident he was, spouting lies and nonsense. Living in fairly secualr germany, i've never seen or heard a hardcore believer before. Let alone one abusing/twist science to convince others. I remember being baffled by his ignorance.

  16. "They don’t see the illogic in professing hatred for something that doesn’t exist—their hatred proves that, deep down, they do know that God exists."

    So all those doctors cursing out homeopathy must secretly believe that it's effective medicine...

  17. Kazim said:

    Also, being fair to Ray, he has left an identical post on his own blog, and you may comment freely on that.

    But thats not actually true because "Cuss words (mild or abbrev.), blasphemy, URL’s, incivility, or failure to give the name "God" or "Jesus" capitals, will be deleted" are the rules he imposes on his servile commenters...

    We screw (mild cuss word) that, I'm not interested in commenting on a blog that insists I refrain from calling a god (failure to give the name capitals)-damned (blasphemy) spade a bloody (colloquial mild cuss word) shovel... fucking (full-bodied cuss word) coqsukr (abbrev. cuss word)...

  18. Ray Comfort is, in fact, insane. I don't think he is a liar, exactly, because his true medium is bullshit. He doesn't care about whether or not the words spilling from his mouth are true, so long as his quota of retarded similes is met.

    Not since the banana have I been able to accuse him of sophism; He really doesn't know any better.

    I agree with Russell and typically I avoid exposure to his nonsensical mind. I also agree that he is seriously endangering his cubs by loading their minds with this bilge, then watching them toddle off into the tall grass where they invariably get mauled.

  19. Incidentally, for those who didn't know, the nightmare is over.

    - Jack

  20. his writing is so blindly absolute and condascending, i have a feeling he doesn't really understand what atheism is and treats it like a disease. like it's something people can catch and pass on. the thing that's most depressing about his site is that he's spreading false ideas about atheism AND Christianity. even if i were christian i wouldn't believe the garbage this guy is spouting because it just sounds like the childish banter of "my dad is better than your dad." you can't just say "my dad is better than your dad" and walk away the winner because you completely eliminated the option of rebuttle. how lame.

  21. Shortcake, you are of course correct. This is nothing more than a place for him to try to promote his books. I don't even known if I'm convinced anymore that he personally updates the blog himself.


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