Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Off-topic, but...


Danger Man and The Prisoner are two of my favorite classic TV shows. The Prisoner, especially, was a surreal odyssey that managed to be some of the most socially relevant television, then as now: an allegory about maintaining one's individuality and integrity in a world determined to buy you, own you, corrupt you, sell you, or just plain throw you away. I had always entertained the quaint fantasy of working with McGoohan on a film at some hazy point in the future, but knew it would be quite impossible due to his advanced age. Oh well. Prisoner DVD marathon tonight!

Double damn!

I was never such a big Star Trek fan as all that. But when you consider Ricardo Montalban's guest slot on one episode became one of the iconic characters of the series and inspired what is still the only one of the feature films worth repeat viewing...well, that's not a bad legacy.


  1. The Prisoner is available online.

    Be seein' ya.

  2. [geek] Hmm. I only scored 75% on the trivia game. Better get on with that marathon. After that: Danger Man. Awesome series! Everybody needs to Netflix it now. [/geek]

  3. OH! Danger Man was broadcast as Secret Agent here in the US. That was a cool show. The theme song was Secret Agent Man by Johnny Rivers. After Secret Agent Patrick McGoohan did The Prisoner, so it tied together nicely.

  4. I thought the whole premise of Star Trek II was flawed. Kirk puts Kahn on this planet - then Star Fleet never goes back to check on him, make sure he isn't up to no good? Then, an away team - with Checkov, yet - goes down to the planet, and no one - including Checkov - realizes where they are?

    I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about it - I wasn't living in my parents' basement! - but it made no sense to me.

    I much preferred Star Trek IV - The One with the Whales, or whatever the hell it was called. There was some humor, and they focused more on the relationships between the characters than on special effects. And the NextGen films since.

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  7. Ironically, the Catholic actor McGoohan belonged to a church whose leader usually bears an ordinal number after this name. Can you imagine the current pope arguing with the men who chose him: "You are Benedict the 16th." "I am not a number! I am a free man!"


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