Saturday, April 26, 2008

No, it was just natural selection

The Church of the Burning Stupid is keeping up its anti-science missionary efforts, as we can see here. This was submitted to the ACA Yahoogroup by one of its members who presumably lives in the area (Greeley, CO). He got it among his daily junk snail mail. It would be awesome if some educated folks could turn up to this farce and bombard the presenter, some dingaling named H.S. Rester, with awesome questions so that all and sundry could watch him squirm when he either cannot answer or simply resorts to the usual asinine creotard canards to do so.

The rest of the pamphlet promises to expose such horrors as "Evolution and the Antichrist Agenda" (that's Wednesday), and advises attendees, "Bring Your Bible and Your Mind, You Will Use Both." The latter won't be used much or very well, but at least the pamphlet does remind attendees to bring it in the first place, which is thoughtful, since most creationists just leave theirs laying around wherever.

Rester claims to be a "Christian with a strong scientific background" but the pamphlet only says he has a "BA from an inter-denominational Bible College/Seminary and is now completing his Masters of Divinity." It says nothing about, oh, you know, any advanced degrees in biology, biochemistry, or any of the other pertinent life sciences. So I suppose his "education" can be more or less dismissed, at least in terms of allowing him any actual expertise in the monumentally supported and unequivocally successful bedrock scientific theory he seems to think he can debunk with an ancient storybook. In terms of being able to parrot mindless twaddle and infantile myths handed down from 2000 year old sheep farmers and primitive clerics, I will only too gladly defer to his expertise. Just as I'm sure there's some twat here in town with encyclopedic knowledge of every X-Men comic ever published. Nothing against such a person, just don't pretend you're a freakin' biologist, okay?


  1. >>Just as I'm sure there's some twat here in town with encyclopedic knowledge of every X-Men comic ever published. Nothing against such a person, just don't pretend you're a freakin' biologist, okay?

    Hey, hey! I'll have you know, Mr. Wagner, that my papers on the "Activation of Dormant X-Genes By Means of Radiation and Other External Sources" and "Main Phenotypic Differences Between Homo Sapiens Sapiens and Homo Sapiens Superior" have been put through AND survived the rigorous process of peer review. By which I mean, my World of Warcraft guild thought it was wicked awesome.

    So, not to toot my own horn here, or to dimish your noble craft, but I think I'm a little bit more qualified to talk about evolution than a film-maker.

  2. Oh yeah? Well, my new film X-pelled: No Mutations Allowed will demonstrate how no mutations can ever be beneficial, and that attempts to put forth this view in comics research by courageous seekers of truth like me have been actively suppressed by Big Marvel. You're goin' down!

  3. Whoa man there is gonna be some lies told up in there!

    Look out when they say, Show Up and Bring Your Bibles - dangerous.

    A whole lot of hatred and teaching of course all in the name of Jesus and God - vomit throw up puke spit.

  4. this puts me in an x-mas spirit.

  5. You cou;d possibly make a plausible argument (not that it would help) that the folks putting this thing on are themselves atheists of a sort--first of all, they seem to believe God is dead, so they no longer believe in a living deity; second, the God they believe in is so unbelievably puny and weak that one mortal, armed only with pencil, paper and brain, slew Him handily. Might be a fun rhetorical wrench to throw at him. Or maybe it's just late and I'm rambling. It's just so much fun to screw with the "science-killed-God" crowd.

  6. Ok, I just came up with a movie idea. A bunch of atheists determined to undermine creationists go around giving talks. They impersonate creationists and try to come up with the dumbest arguments they possibly can for why the bible is innerrantly correct. Yet the fundies don't get the 'tongue in cheekness of it all' and end up heralding them all as prophets.

  7. I believe you're describing what's known as Poe's Law, jdp. And you're right, it would make a funny premise for a satirical documentary!


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