Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Creationism's latest epic fail

An axiom about creationists: These people can't not lie. Mike Dunford over at The Questionable Authority has an excellent, in-depth three-part report (uno, dos, tres) about the recent summary judgment handed down in a lawsuit against the University of California filed by some Christian schools, who didn't like the fact the U of C wasn't allowing their asinine, falsehood-ridden creationist textbooks to be accorded the same degree of respect as actual science texts. The creationists accused the university of "viewpoint discrimination," the latest favorite buzzword among the uneducated and stupid whenever they learn that their religious dogmas don't automatically get a free pass in the hallowed halls of academe just by virtue of some appeal to "religious freedom." The creos lost this one hard, and on hand to cement their epic fail was none other than doofus Michael Behe, who basically wrapped the case up in a little bow with glitter and gave it to the university.

Great reading and a wonderful primer in how creationists just can't do anything right. Note the appearance in the comments to Part 3 of übertroll Larry Fafarman, who valiantly flails away at an attempt to spin the whole thing into not-such-a-loss-really for the Forces of Burning Stupid.

See, I'm not an "angry atheist"! You can't buy this kind of comedy!


  1. Martin,

    Even though I dislike your 'bully' spin on the subject, thanks for the info. I live in California and never heard of this case. Maybe the media wanted to to be hush hush in case it went the wrong way for them.

    So this is another nail in the Christian's cross, was there any surprise?

  2. No, no surprise. You can't expect universities to accept credits from faux "science" courses that teach no science.

    The suit was filed back in 2005, and the LA Times reported on it at the time. In the interim, I suppose there was not much coverage because there's really nothing to report in cases like this until a decision's handed down.

  3. Dan: I live in California ...

    I guess that you can always send your daughter to Bob Jones University or Liberty University. It looks like she won't be able to get into any of the UCs with the "science" education you're giving her. Probably the same is true for her "history" education.

  4. No surprises here....

    Huckleberry has endorsed Stein's flick.

    (Insert ROFLCOPTER here.)


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