Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Have a look at someone who really was "expelled"


  1. Awesome. Thanks for posting this, and many thanks to Ms. Comer for having the bravery to "not go gentle into that good night".

  2. I add my thanks to Ms. Comer for her courage in sticking up for what is right. I read about this story when it occurred; Lizzette Reynolds, the Texas Education Agency advisor who called for Ms. Comer's termination, is, not surprisingly, a Bush appointee. For her to destroy Ms. Comer's 27-year career as a science educator is beyond despicable. My heart breaks for Ms. Comer and for the children of Texas, who will pay a high intellectual price for Lizzette Reynolds' vicious political attack on science.

  3. Wha...? where is it? they removed it already? :(

  4. Comes up fine for me, Adrael. Try refreshing your browser.

  5. I tried refreshing but I doubt that was the problem. When I pressed "Play" is kept giving me the same error message it gives when a video has been deleted: "We're sorry but the video you've requested is no longer available."

    Anyway, it doesn't matter anymore, it worked now, thanks. :)


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