Monday, April 07, 2008

CFI Textbook Accuracy Report

I received a link to this file from CFI (Center For Inquiry).


Their assessment of the problems with this particular text book is "spot on" and the errors are, in many ways, the same sort of problems that have continually promoted gross conceptual errors regarding these subjects.

I have no idea if the authors of this particular text book were trying to promote an agenda or if they'd simply fallen prey to the glut of misinformation surrounding these issues, but this sort of misinformation must be corrected.

As "Academic Freedom" bills, "Teach The Controversy" rhetoric and "Science leads to Nazism" nonsense begin to pollute our education system, it should be clear to any reasonable person that the time to sit quietly in a corner has long passed.


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  2. My apologies. I had to delete my comment for work-related reasons.


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