Thursday, April 10, 2008

Something else opening the 18th

You're a theater owner. You're given the choice between exhibiting Expelled, a poorly made faux-documentary for fundamentalist Christians...or this...

Which do you choose?


  1. I'd chose the Zombie Strippers, of course!

  2. Would I watch some scantily clothed undead whore no chance. I would watch the zombie strippers instead.

  3. They should splice the two movies together and have the zombies eat Ben Stein.

  4. The Jet Li / Jackie Chan movie is opening right around then as well... I think I would prefer to see that over everything else.

  5. Seriously...Jenna Jameson hasn't looked good since 2002's "I dream of Jenna"!

    Wow I know way too much about porn!

    Jus'kidding Jen! I love ya babe!! Can I have your baby!?



  6. It's a limited release opening. Thanks a lot. Get my hopes up and then dash them. Cruel.

  7. Can I have your baby!?

    She probably wants to keep it.

  8. Wow that's what happens when you die! You come back as a silicone enhanced blonde carnivore nympho. My bet is the sequel has something to do with nuns.


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