Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jesus F*cking Christ Contest

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a camp group in San Francisco had a contest this last Easter for the best Jesus Fucking Christ. Let you imagination roam a bit. Who would you choose? What image does that phrase bring to mind?

The winner and runner up are in the photo. The runner up was the built guy, presumably good for fucking. The winner is funnier, in my opinion. That Jesus is the guy on the right in the red robe. Christ, of course, is the one bent over.

I think I'll always smile from now on when I hear that phrase with that visual locked into my mind.


  1. I am deeply offended by this photo.
    That guy has better abs than me.

  2. This is getting fucking ridiculous. We're beginning to look as stupid as the damn Christians.
    How about we just grow up?

  3. The annual contest is actually called "Hunky Jesus". "Jesus Fucking Christ" was the name of the winner, even though #2 was hunkier. I was working down the street near Dolores Park and saw Jesus with angel wings ride by on a bike.

    I love San Francisco!

  4. To me the phrase ,"Jesus Fucking Christ." is a very common expression of exasperation.One which i have been heard to utter, on many occasions.Although lately i think i use the phrase,"Oh for fuck sake." More often, as i think it somehow has more emphasis.
    Of course as an Atheist it is my contention that if there ever was, in fact a historical Jesus then he was well and truly, fucked! When they nailed him to that tree.

  5. I don't mean to pimp myself like this, but I put this comic on my website a few weeks back. I think it's appropriate!


  6. at some point a few years ago, "jesus fucking christ" lost the offensive vulgarity it originally brought to any exclamation...
    it had been worn thin.

    so i started saying "Jesus F***ing Children"
    that does the trick.

    also, "Jesus F***ing Santa !!!"
    now you try :)

  7. Is it appropriate to drool over the thought of 'the savior'?

  8. If you google "Jesus Fucking Christ tattoo", you'll see one of the greatest tattoos ever. That is, if you're a fan of iconoclasm.

  9. Things like this are critically important. People need to know that their religious beliefs are not enshrouded by a aura of sanctuary. They are not invulnerable to mocking/criticism.

    If we want to keep our rights, particularly to free speech, we need to use it.

  10. @JT Things like this are critically important.
    I could not agree with you more.
    While the show seeks to use reason and logic to explain the atheist position and counter the detrimental effects of religion on American society. I think that humor,irony,mockery and ridicule might be an equally effective Weapon in this struggle, it might even be a more humane one.Unlike the folk at the AE show i would like to see the eventual eradication of all religion.I realize this will not happen in my life time.I would not wish to suddenly snatch religion away from people who depend on it (or think they do).But a long campaign of mockery may reduce the God figure in the minds of the religious from an all powerful vengeful being. Into a ridiculous and improbable figure of fun.
    I really think, over time this could happen.Who after seeing the end of, "The Life of Brian." can see a painting of the crucifixion and not remember that song.

  11. You can't seriously think that mocking Christian 'savior' is gonna make people consider his divinity.

    Its more like they will think you're devil spawn.

    While the mockery itself is funny, I'm not sure it supports 'the message'. Seems like it only reinforces the sterotypes of the 'evil atheists'.

  12. @m

    It's not meant to convert. It's to break the oppression. If we can get people used to being openly mocked and ridiculed, our more logical and rational dialog seems more commonplace.

    Sometimes one needs to smack that wall of oppression is a large maul. It's not pretty, but if we don't we'll start getting anti-blasphemy laws, like we're seeing in the British Isles. Maybe not formally, but definitely de facto.

  13. Seems like it only reinforces the sterotypes of the 'evil atheists'.

    Yes, because dressing up for a contest is the ultimate evil.

    Anybody who thinks we're evil based on this is beyond all hope anyway.

  14. @M
    Oh i am serious. I can't remember the name of the current Pope. Why not? Because to me he is, POPE NAZI KING OF THE PEDOPHILES.Once you hear that, you just wait and see what pops into your mind, next time you need to remember to Popes name.
    Satire and blasphemy are not tolerated by totalitarian states and powerful religions because eventually they inflict a sort of death by a thousand cuts.

  15. The one in the red hair should have won!!

  16. @Lukas

    Thats how YOU see it. To the God-fearing Christians it does look like 'ultimate evil'. When it comes to dialog, what people (can) understand is just as important as what the truth is. I clearly said it 'reinforces' the sterotype; if this was the only 'blasphemy' ever done than sure, such a person would be beyond hope.

    Why Nazi?

    To me Pope just looks like another corrupt politician, like we haven't had those in spades since, well, forever. The level of 'corruption' is indeed disgusting and vindication-worthy, as with so many others.

    You see, it is not about not being allowed to mock, that is not what I argue at all.

    I just think that AE as a platform could stay above such thing, be the 'good atheist' side of the conflict, as the hosts proclaim, and let other parties do the mockery. Endorsing this with a picture of the Jesus-festival will likely turn away most truth-seeking theists; as soon as they see it.

  17. @M
    Why Nazi?
    Because he was in the Hitler youth during the second world war.
    But that is not the point.The purpose of that sort of thing. Which i try ed and failed to illustrate was that over time these little digs have a cumulative effect on the creditability of the target.
    eg: Ray Comfort is known as Banana man. Now i don't know why this is. Ether he made some false statements about the design of the Banana in a creationist propaganda video.Or he has had some Banana related problems in the past. It doesn't matter which. People who think the sun shines out of his ass.Will eventually notice that he is constantly being referred to as Banana man.Like me they might not know why and will be forced to speculate.But Banana mans creditability and therefor his cause are lessened in the eyes of his cult.

  18. @M I do take your other point though.
    But you don't need to be concerned. The hosts of the AE show are all fine people and i am sure they would not stoop to indulge in the sort of blatant propaganda of my,Pope Nazi King of the Pedophiles example.And they certainly wouldn't employ the second rate mind control technique of using the word Banana in one sentence and the word ass in the next.

  19. As gratifying as these public displays of ridicule are to fellow unbelievers, I find them a questionable tool in de-converting. In my experience the effect this kind of thing has on believers is more to alienate them from the source of ridicule than to make them question their own beliefs or downgrade what they hold sacred.

    Mockery like this serves quite well for boosting the self esteem and morale of those who are oppressed by religion, so in no way would I suggest these things should never happen. Showing pride and confidence in unbelief is a great thing, but I suspect it is at the cost of being divisive. I consider the gains worth the cost in this case, though.

    At least we can be happy nobody will go on a murderous rampage over this. I can only imagine the fallout from a “Holy Fucking Mohammad Day”. The best thing this does is to keep fundamentalism uncomfortable and on the fringes, because to play fundamentalism out would reveal the horrifying realities of such beliefs before they can become mainstream.

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  21. Wow, the winner of the contest is remarkably close to representing a Gnostic doctrine...


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