Sunday, May 08, 2011

I'm joining team beat PZ...unofficially.

I'm not even sure what the rules are, or how folks get invited to team "Beat PZ"...

I was tempted to side with PZ on this, but my other friends need some support - and PZ needs to keep the beard... so donate to support Camp Quest, help PZ keep his beard and let's see if I add any weight to this competition. I've posted this on both FB pages and here at the blog. Give, if you're able!


  1. I'm confused. I thought if PZ loses he has shave the beard... not keep it :/

  2. I'm most likely signing Ben up for Camp Quest this year, so I'm contributing already and they don't need more donations from me.

  3. I know this isn't the episode thread, but since there isn't one I'll leave my comments here.

    I thoroughly enjoyed Greg Paul, he was absolutely wonderful. However, I thought the theist caller was handled very poorly. I know this stuff can get old when you hear the same shit over and over, but it seemed like Russell and Don went way too easy on that guy.

  4. Yeah the conversation with the theist kid from Canada was taken a little lightly in my opinion too. They did get him on a couple a points though where he had no response and he just changed the subject completely, but towards the end they let him ramble on a little too much and I was just facepalmin like a mother******. It was basically just one big argument from circular logic and baseless assertions like "you are just too narrow-minded and intellectualized, you need to expand your spiritual brain and just believe" type BS.

  5. I'm not sure the conversation with that particular theist could've been very interesting. Whenever Don and Russell did push on one issue or point out something important the caller retreated to "I know you are smarter than me, but I've investigated the issue" and any number of variants on that false humility, sucking up to your target and insisting on pushing your agenda without listening to counter-arguments line of proselytizing.

    As for Matt vs. PZ: You're doomed Matt! MWAHAHAHAHAA

  6. Yes, the beard "incentive" does seem to have backfired...

  7. I had already donated to the enemy.

    It's sort of sad that PZ got to $5k in like a day, but since has barely gotten another dime. I suppose he has a finite set of willing donors.

  8. Do you know that Pz Myers says you will do a show in drag if you win, did you agree to this deal?


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