Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Final hours for CampQuest - $10,000 matching offer!

So, CampQuest has announced that the The Stiefel Freethought Foundation has pledged a matching offer of up to $5,000 per team!

At this point, only CampQuest can really "win". PZ has played the "heads I win, tails they lose gambit" and it looks like I'll be doing a show in drag. (That'll be a great opportunity to make a few points that I've wanted to make for quite some time.)

If you haven't donated, now is the perfect time. If you have donated, thank you very much and don't hesitate to maximize your happiness by donating again!

And luck...I'm sticking the widgets right here!


  1. I've been confused about this since yesterday. During our Non-Prophets, I could swear I saw both teams hovering a bit over $10,000. But right now it looks like Team Beat PZ is down to $7,150, which it putting it way behind. Did somebody withdraw their donation or something?

    Looks to me like PZ will be shaving his beard.

  2. Matt's drag must include a 2-piece bikini.

  3. Will you speak with a high voice too, Matt? XD

  4. Yes! Looks like team Beat Pz has won assuming the widgets have caught up to each other.


    Personally I’m envisioning a flowery sundress, either way he needs high heels I think. :)

  5. "That'll be a great opportunity to make a few points that I've wanted to make for quite some time."

    I can't wait to find out what that is. I just hope it's nothing to do with nipples and cold weather.

  6. I too was confused when I heard the amounts. Team Beat PZ was at $6495 and still is. However, when I load the page with Chrome instead of Firefox it has the correct values. I just cleared the browser cache and it fixed the issue.


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