Thursday, December 17, 2009

Scenes from the proposal

Finally, here are those pictures from Threadgill's as promised. Thanks, Keryn!

The chorus enters

"She flew across the nation..."

"Yes," says the back of my head


  1. Who is the ace guy in the Deathspell Omega shirt?!

  2. For anyone who was curious about the modified lyrics, here there are:

    Bad horse, bad horse, bad horse, bad horse

    She flew across the nation
    to consummate the sin
    she wants a life together from just now herein
    It needs an affirmation
    so don't you wait, chime in
    A gentle nod, a smile endorse
    big "yes" would be nice of course

    Bad horse, bad horse, bad horse, bad horse

    The godless league of godless
    Is watching so beware
    The answer you cough up will be the last we swear!
    So make Lynnea gleeful
    or she'll make you her mare...
    You'll marry up, there's no divorce
    it's hi-ho silver!

    Bad Horse

  3. Can we declare this a win?

  4. the fact that you incorporated dr. horrible into the proposal, I think makes Russel the best person on the planet

  5. It makes Lynnea the best person on the planet, since she orchestrated the whole thing. It only makes me a good person in the sense that I get to be in the role of Neil Patrick Harris.

  6. Hell, in that case, she is every nerds dream. Congrats dude. This looks awesome

  7. Congrats! I love non-traditional proposals.

  8. Oh hey, there's more info and pictures over here.

  9. wow K!

    two words...




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