Thursday, December 03, 2009

And now, a spirited debate over the ontological argument

Which, I'm happy to report, reaches the obvious conclusion that cats are worthier of worship than any stupid old deity any day, and besides, cats exist. Hugs all around!


  1. This wins blogpost of the year.

  2. I completely agree. Cats have a lot in common with gods: they are beautiful, they are lovely, yet they can be violent and cruel. The Egyptians were right to worship them.

    Oh, and talking about cats (and Egyptians), anybody read Enki Bilal's Nikopol Trilogy? It's a great graphic novel, having as a premisse the return of Egyptian gods on Earth.

  3. Don't know if anyone knows of ti already, but a research project found that cats learn from an early age to exaggerate their "i'm hungry/needy" meows to sound more pathetic and get a greater reaction from humans.

    Yes science has found definitively that cats are manipulative diva whiners.

    Word Verification (because I'm amazingly immature): Pubic

  4. @Darknezz: seconded!

  5. That's the most coherent version of the Ontological Argument I've ever heard.

    Cutest too.

  6. @Ing - I knew that from personal experience, but where can I read the research project?

  7. Asked and received.

  8. Uh-huh. Ing, I think the author of that study might have a little bias!

    Not that the conclusions are necessarily wrong...

  9. Lol.

    I'll note that I am actually 75% sure that dogs do similar things.

    My Chihuahua (none breed standard as she's about 12 lbs) faked illness when we were on vacation so my cousins watching her would hand feed her while she lounged on a doggy bed.

  10. If and besides, remember the cat with Tom as we have done YERRY reir.También cat I remember my cousin who always ended up sleeping in the bed and me on the floor, well, things cats.


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