Monday, July 28, 2008

Yesterday's show

This one was a corker, so I thought I'd get it up here right away. Above and beyond the whole exchange with Patrick, there's "Eve," aka Microbiologychick, who punks Matt with some of the funniest Poe-ing you're going to hear all week.

Oh, by the way. Apparently the latest backwash of Patrick's foolishness is this: Living Waters has announced, I am informed, that they're no longer going to be selling the bumper sticker that got Patrick all riled up. Now they'll be giving it away for free!

Bravo, Patrick. You fucktard.

Addendum by Russell/Kazim:

To hear "Eve" call in, fast forward to about 54:00 in the video.


  1. "Eve" was Microbiologychick? How do you know this? Matt suspected that it was a put-on.

  2. Poe:

    A person who writes a parody of a Fundamentalist that is mistaken for the real thing. Due to Poe's Law, it is almost impossible to tell if a person is a Poe unless they admit to it.

    For those, like me, who didn't know.

  3. "Eve" was Microbiologychick? How do you know this?

    'Cos Russell told me (we do hang out together, we AE guys ;-) — they'd worked out the gag in advance.

    Sorry about forgetting to define Poe... D'oh!

  4. Yeah, it was me, I take full responsibility. In fact, during the show I was instant messaging her on my laptop, telling her exactly when to call in after the previous caller had been dropped. Then while she was talking, I typed "Don't forget about the banana!!"

    We were considering keeping her identity a secret, so that "Eve" could call in again, but obviously that won't happen NOW. ;) No problem, though, it would have been less funny now that Matt knows.

    The funny thing is that this is the very first time we have ever done what we are often accused of doing, which is faking a call to make theists look bad. That wasn't the point, but probably how it came off.

    Bravo, Micro, for your superb acting skills. ;)

  5. That was awesome. You guys are on fire!

  6. Speaking of Poe's Law, look at this guy:

    I'm almost 99% sure it's satire, but with fundies you can never tell.

  7. Patrick, besides using the same legal tactics as the ID people and other fundies looking to "legislate from the bench", now he has forced the exact same kind of backlash that religious groups tend to force free thinkers into (meaning gaining interest in something by decrying it). I'm starting to wonder if he's actually working for the other side.


  8. Has anyone seen Christopher Hitchens debate? I’ve heard he is going to be debating D’Souza in St. Lous September 10th. I found this website

  9. A Poe? Wow, possibly the best one I've ever heard. When watching the show, I just thought 'oh, not again' - it was perfect.
    Why'd you guys have to hurt me so much? Ok, not so bad, I did as usual and skipped to next caller.
    Next thing we know, fundies don't exist at all...
    Was Paul a Poe? Is Ray or Kirk? Jack Chick? Haggard, Hagee? Ken Ham? Reality really is a slippery thing.

  10. Felix, to the best of my knowledge "Eve" is the only person who ever called in to our show with a deliberate conspiracy to fool you. This doesn't count intentional crank callers and trolls, over whom we have no control anyway.

    It's often been speculated, though, that Ann Coulter is really Andy Kaufman in disguise.

  11. That show was awesome!! Eve's identity was spoiled for me because I had read this post before I listened to the podcast....but I think I may have been fooled if I hadn't known. She sounded real to me :) Keep up the good work guys!

  12. Yes, I'm starting to think I was a Big Ol' Jerk for not letting the gag just run and failing to put "Spoiler Warning!" before outing "Eve." Oh well. Still funny.

  13. The best part about the video is Russell's face when Eve calls in. He keeps trying to stifle a huge grin, but then whenever Matt glances over in his direction, he tries to look all serious again. Hilarious!

  14. What's funny is that I only finally got to watch the show today. But it was like I'd already seen it. I've read so much about it and seen so many letters coming in through the tv list (which has been overwhelming, but really enjoyable), that I pretty much had the blow-by-blow from just reading everything everyone wrote.

    I had read that Eve was a prank before I watched, but I think there is little doubt I'd have been taken in. I tip my hat to Micro girl. She did an excellent job.

    I also saw Russell chuckling, but to be honest, if I wasn't aware it was a gag, I would have just assumed he was laughing that the old tired arguments coming out of the caller. It wouldn't have tipped me off.

  15. D'oh! I fell for it! I just listened to this episode last night, and I thought Eve was for real.

    That's what I get for listening to the mp3 version rather than watching the video!

    I did love Russell and Matt's instant, patient, thorough smackdown of the guy with the "Darwin said the idea of eyes evolving seems absurd" quote mine.

  16. Hey there!
    I'm around 30 minutes into the video and wanted to throw in a quick question before I forget: Does public Holocaust denial not qualify as hate speech in America? Here in Germany public Holocaust denial or down playing ("against undeniable historical fact" I think is the wording there) is actually a crime. It qualifies as hate speech an can be punished with at least 3 months but up to 5 years in prison.

    Now, I know that the US has a hard time recognizing hate crimes in law, but I wanted to ask if there at least are laws against hate speech in the United States? And if there are, what wualifies as hate speech?

    I'll go on listening to the rest now. =)

  17. We have hate crime laws but not hate speech laws, as such. Certain types of speech are regulated — like libel, slander and perjury — but mostly you can say whatever you want over here. The problem with enforcing hate speech is that you run into the difficulty of how to define it. You could end up penalizing people who simply hold views outside the us, or people who belong to fringe political parties. Christians could easily accuse us of hate speech on the TV show simply for criticizing their religion under vaguely worded laws. Hate crimes, on the other hand, like the guy who went on a shooting spree the other day at a Unitarian Church because he hated them for being a bunch of pro-gay liberals, are a little easier to pin down, especially when you can see a) direct harm done and b) the perp admits to his hate-based motives proudly. Here's the Wiki page, which talks among other things about the specific differences between the US and Germany's laws.

  18. It's a very interesting topic, don't you think? I realize the problems connected with regulating speech. As speech is almost always associated with voicing one's opinion, but not always aimed at inciting hate in others.

    i guess our laws stem from the experience of how easy it is sometimes to incite hate anyway, even with undirected public speech. But that's a very fine line to maintain, and, in the end, opinions can't be regulated by laws. They have to be changed.

    Thanks for answering anyway. I could have found that wiki, duh! Awww well, sometimes asking is just sooo convenient. *g*

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