Monday, July 28, 2008

Patrick wants your opinion

Patrick Greene called in to the show on Sunday. The episode is now posted on Google and you're free to listen to Patrick make his case (with interruptions and clarifications from your rather perturbed host).

While we're all aware that public opinion is irrelevant to truth, he'd like to hear from you. If you think he's done the right thing, let him know. If you think he's made a huge mistake that makes the rest of us look bad, let him know. If you aren't sure, let him know.

Evidently, he's just not getting enough email. So, here's his e-mail address:

peewee_91762 [at]


  1. Mr. Greene has acted in as irrational a manner as your first article suggests, and has done the cause of atheists no favors.

  2. Having seen his reply to negative e-mails, I wouldn't bother. He replies with a childish "Well, I'll let Ray and Kirk know that you are a fool and enjoy being insulted and hurt."

    As is unsurprising, this Patrick shit-bird is hardly worth anyone's time. He is not going to drop it if he gets the overwhelming dissent that he has coming. It will only serve to strengthen his idiotic martyr complex and self-righteous ego. I think he'd like the idea of being the only warrior for justice in a field of cowards.

    I say e-mail Living Waters directly and let them know your position. I plan on giving them kudos for the free stickers and explaining why I support their right to espouse idiocy.

  3. (sigh) I guess there's no point in trying to reinforce this, then.

    Oh, well. I guess my view is that it's one thing to criticize someone for stupidity in a blog post, another thing entirely to encourage direct email ridicule. But then Patrick hasn't exactly been private about his email either. The emails have been flooding in to the TV show address, and Patrick has not been getting much in the way of support, to put it mildly.

  4. Sorry...I hadn't seen your comment about no e-mail addresses.

    If you need to edit-remove this, it's fine. But, if they go watch the show, the address appears at the bottom of the screen - and he really wants to hear from folks.

    Mostly so he can tell them that they're just crappy atheists who enjoy being called fools and are too chicken to stand up for themselves.

    He's a tool.

  5. Seems Patrick is a little more unbalanced than we originally thought. On June 13, 2008 he filed a lawsuit against the owner of the Detroit Red Wings for......get this......OCTOPUS ABUSE!!!

    Long story short, the Red Wings have a long-standing tradition of throwing a dead octopus onto the ice during the playoffs. Our hero found this deeply offensive and disrespectful to the animals, so he filed a lawsuit to force the Red Wings to stop it. Lawsuit filed on a Friday, tossed by the judge on the following Wednesday.

    Here's a link to a YouTube interview:


  6. But, if they go watch the show, the address appears at the bottom of the screen - and he really wants to hear from folks.

    Yeah, that's why I wasn't going to edit or make a big deal of it. I mean, the horse is already out of the barn. I just think in future, let's not encourage personal contact, especially if it's about smacking down a dumb person. Based on the YP experience, it's safe to say people like this usually don't get the message, and the more criticism they get, the more they feel their sense of victimhood and persecution has been validated.

  7. Ok...It's becoming clear that Patrick is damaged goods and he sits around looking for people to sue.

    I suspect that he's just seeking attention. He desperately wants to do something good and be recognized for it.

    At a minimum, he's lawsuit-happy.

    I'm thinking that he needs some help - and we're just playing into his delusions.

    Ray Comfort has, according to Patrick, invited him to debate the existence of god. Here was my response....

    "Of COURSE Ray asked you to debate the existence of God. He's found a prime target - an atheist who repeatedly makes irrational arguments, is easily offended and who demonstrates a failed understanding of the First Amendment, reason, evidence and fact vs. fiction.

    You two were made for each other. And now Ray is going to keep using you as his straw man. That's your new nickname, by the way: Strawman Greene.

    He's already made you look foolish - JUST as I predicted - by posting about this nonsense on his blog. Now he's trying to see if he can drag you around like his pet atheist. You're so good at making atheists look bad, I'll be surprised if he doesn't offer you a spot on his next tour."


  8. If anyone's interested, here's a quick design for a bumper sticker.

  9. Jen, thanks for the information. I remembered hearing about that lawsuit and being staggered by the ignorance of the man (Octopi are not allowed and must be smuggled). The parties that he tried to sue are on his side.

    I didn't catch his name at the time, but now it makes things quite clear.

  10. Octopus abuse? Who's he going to sue next, Red Lobster? Great, he's a disgrace to both atheists AND vegetarians.

    If only he'd sue Microsoft for poor web standards in Internet Explorer and complete the trifecta by making programmers look moronic as well.

  11. Martin, when I first saw that you wanted to stop allowing persons to post their phone numbers or emails, I thought that this was rather odd, sense they presumably would be doing it with the express purpose of opening themselves up to replies, both good and bad. After a few minutes of thought, I realized that you have no way to know whether the poster is actually the person who those things belong to. It is conceivable that another person would do that to "out" them. In that light, unfortunate though the idea is, I think you are making the right call.

  12. Are we allowed to publicly post our letters to Patrick? Can we do it here?

  13. I posted mine on the Iron Chariots site. So I'm going to say yes, you can post them publicly (after all, it's your letter). Don't know if here would be the best place, but I'd love to read yours, Possummomma :).

  14. I'm an on again off again watcher from Australia (i found out about about your show via PiroNiro's channel on youtube).
    Just wanted to let you guys know that i get a real kick out of your show. It's always good fun to watch archive videos when i need cheering up.

    I'm a little upset that you didn't put Patrick's email up with the '@' so that potential spammers are not able to exercise their freedom of speech.

    As a side note, could you please send me the wording of the star trek rule.

    thanks again


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