Wednesday, July 09, 2008

New blogs by atheist women

Within the last few days we've been emailed by two different atheist women who have just started their own blogs. The first was Kafir Girl, an ex-Muslim in originally from Pakistan, who has decided to read the Koran cover-to-cover and blog the entire experience. I don't know how far she'll get, but her first post is filled to the brim with humor, sarcasm, and profanity. Should be fun.

The second was Microbiologychick, a self-described southern atheist college girl from Tennessee, studying... um... Russian Literature? No wait, I deduce that it's Microbiology. Together with her friend Philosophychick (who is obviously studying Kinematic Engineering) she has started a blog called Atheist Girls.

I'm a fan of atheist women -- the movement needs more diversity, and the ubiquitous Possum Momma has been a long term source of enjoyment for me. Not to mention my wife, who rarely blogs about atheism but sure takes good pictures.

Anyway, I've added both new blogs to my favorites section on Google Reader for now. Go say hi if you're so inclined.

Correction: As she pointed out in the comments, Kafir Girl has not lived in Pakistan since she was 6; hence the fix to the first paragraph.


  1. I tried to read the Quran on several occasions. It really is quite a tedious bore. At least the Bible has some interesting stories in it.

  2. I found the Koran to be repetitive and hard to read as well. I wonder, though, if I had been raised in Islam--would I feel differently about it?

    I also stopped by Microb_chick's blog and wrote her back.

    Atheist women, rock. I agree! ;-)

  3. Thanks for the links. I've added them to my blogroll so that I'll be sure to stop by and read them frequently.

  4. Tracie, you're right. It IS boring. But there's enough bizarre crap in there to keep me entertained so far.

    Russell, I'm not in Pakistan — I'm in the States. I think if I was in Pakistan writing what I did, I would be sitting pretty in a jail cell right about now!

    Cheers, and thank you for the link =)

    Kafir Girl

  5. Atheist women, rock.

    Yes. Yes, you do.


    There is a story here called "Let there be light". It's about the future of Atheism.

    Happy Reading


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