Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Breaking the Yomin Barrier

Okay, we're all familiar with the Yomin situation last month, and the coining of the phrase "pulling a Yomin," which has entered Internet parlance as a term referring to anyone who has an excessive, histrionic, emotional, and deeply hypocritical and dishonest overreaction to any perceived slight, particularly when that behavior incorporates playing the victim when one's problems can most truthfully be laid at one's own doorstep. Lately the term has been used liberally to refer to the actions of Patrick Greene, about which you all have been reading for the last couple of days. Well, today, Patrick has outdone himself and entered what can only be called Trans-Yomin Space, a new dimension, not of sight and sound, but dimness and chaos. Get a load of the latest "here is my revenge for the crime of disagreeing with me and failing to herald me as a champion of atheism" letter he's sent us.

I did some research on the FCC webpage, and called them. I have filed the following complaint with the FCC.

Matt Dillahunty, the host of the Atheist Experience program, read my e-mail to him, referring to him as an "asshole". I was speaking to him via telephone, when his program was live on Sunday July 27th. During the conversation between us, where we were disagreeing on a subject, he referred to me as an "asshole" live on the program.
I don't know if this is acceptable language for the middle of the afternoon, when children could be viewing. You can view this program at this website, the top one, #563

I can only laugh at this. This is how far this loser has sunk in his need to validate his sense of victimhood and avenge the horrible crime of being disagreed with. Any time anyone says something that pisses him off, he wants to find a way, however specious and feeble, to sic the law or the courts on them. Stupid comes in many colors. I think Patrick has found the Stupid Rainbow Connection. The morons, the dreamers, and he.

By the way, public access cable is not governed by the FCC. Oh well.


  1. It's sad that he's the kind of stupid where even the religious fundies won't take him in.

  2. While he is stupid there is no such thing as too stupid for fundies.

  3. Too bad we can't get a copy of the FCC response to Strawman. I want to see the follow-up where they realize it's a Public Access program and ask him to please stop wasting their time.

    You mentioned stupid comes in many colors. This week's color appears to be Greene.

  4. He's a joke.
    I wrote him and haven't got my "personal response". I thought he was going to reply to all the e-mails he received.

    Did he not say "asshole" as well during the call? I could've sworn that he did.

  5. A despicable thing to do. This joker isn't worth your time. Mr. Greene needs psychological counseling for his paranoia/persecution complex. Perhaps a padded room and lack of human contact is in order so he can't be offended by anything except his cell... and himself.

  6. Count another for still awaiting a response. I was interested in how he'd spin his case failing miserably to three different common libel defenses, one of which ironically is that the defendant honestly believed the statement was factual.

  7. Yeesh, even I know that public access isn't governed by the FCC, and I don't get out much.

    Well, good going Patrick, you're making yourself look dumber by the minute. Unfortunately, you're also making us all look stupid vicariously, at least in the eyes of the ignorant masses. A point which I made in my letter to you.

    I didn't get my response either, by the way. Maybe you're too busy scrambling to find a lawyer desperate enough to sue everyone who has called you a fool since you started this whole mess.

    Is it my imagination, or is he not only promoting negative atheist stereotypes but also negative liberal stereotypes? I mean, considering the octopus thing you all mentioned.

    If so, he's now twice the blemish on my reputation that he was before.

  8. FAIL

    Pretend there's a cute LOLcat picture here. It's what I think of every time I see/hear the ramblings of this idiot.

  9. This is not a warning, nonetheless, you might take some time to consider this stuff seriously. Although the FCC doesn't govern PA programs, it has been mounting some crafty power plays in recent years. I would not be surprised if it takes some little piss ant bullshit like this and tries to gain control "for the good of families and children". Just a thought.

  10. Well, considering that the FCC just had its half-million dollar fine against CBS for Janet Jackson's booberific Super Bowl "wardrobe malfunction" voided, which I'd suggest argues against the craftiness of their power plays, I hardly think they'll decide that the thing to do now is go after some rinkydink cable access program for the use of a PG-rated epithet. Among the worries that might keep me up at night, the FCC going after AE isn't one of them.

  11. If they did, the publicity for AETV would be priceless.

  12. just curious if anyone has seen the new addition to the comfort blog post about the pat. ray has added at the bottom how all the atheists have turned on him and how he hopes he will read the book he sent him.

  13. That's what I get for not ever googling "Janet Jackson". Well played, FCC. Dumbasses. Carry on, guys, I guess AETV will have to get that publicity the old fashioned way - by being the only venue for reason and sanity in the Lone Star State.

  14. Wow, way to confirming the label there Patrick.....


  15. Something that's always puzzled me, is why Americans refer to an 'arse' as an 'ass'. does that mean that any time you call someone an ass (as in donkey) they'll be just as likely to think you'd just called them a butt?

    Could a 'pain in the ass', be a donkey with a belly ache? : )


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