Friday, July 11, 2008

Winner, "Most Awesome Thing Ever" Award, 2008

Don't know many details, except that it's an art installation somewhere in France, done by two fellows, *filthyluker and Pedro Estrellas. Either that, or it's the new digs for PZ Myers' Evil Atheist World Domination Headquarters.


  1. It would be fine if the tentacles had animatronics and twitched every now and then.

    "Never satisfied" George

  2. Fricken. Rad. I love it and want one for my apartment building.


  3. Since it's inflatable, I'm sure it does move.

    I would have bet money that it was a clever Photoshop image.

  4. Yes, I believe that, because it's inflatable, it whips around in the wind to entertaining effect.

  5. Yea, verily, the Elder Gods Awaken! Pray that you may be eaten first.


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