Friday, January 07, 2011

You mean all I had to do was lick a Bible?

Some happy news today. Shelley just emailed all of us. We'll have working phones on Sunday.

Things are moving fast on the AXP hoodie front. The final design will be tweaked to feature only the red AXP logo; that way, people will have to ask you what it means, and you can spread the godless gospel! Only about 23 more folks needed (out of the original 50). Those interested in a pre-order should email the TV show address with "FAO: Martin - hoodies" in the subject line. Get a move on, because I'd like to place the order Monday morning at the latest.

Finally, I don't see how anyone could resist Jesus's message of salivation when it's good enough for Miss Delilah. Except I imagine Ceiling Cat is feeling a bit wrathful right now.


  1. Delilah. The book of Judges, chapter 16, verses 4 through 20. Samson's mistress, who betrays him to the philistines. Also, known as a seductive and treacherous woman. Delilah is also a christian inspired, easy listening call in radio show.

  2. He's not lying - that cat is damned fat.

  3. It is interesting that the "be fruitful and multiply" is a biblical directive for christian humans but not for christian animals. Overpopulation and the resulting degradation of the quality of life is something that this christian can clearly recognize as something that responsible pet owners should do something about.

    Oh I remember - humans are not animals!

    Delilah has the right idea - licking the bible and not spending too much time actually looking inside is best. Unicorns aside there is an awful lot of really upsetting material inside.

  4. Much to my amazement, the King James Bible DOES have unicorns: Num 23:23; Deu 33:17; and Isaiah 34:7 as well as references in the Psalms.

    BTW, has anyone else come across The Brick Testament? I don't know why exactly the guy is doing it, but I find many of the visuals irresistible... (

  5. What a dishonest fucktard. That cat was meowing for the food he was holding, not Jesus. Also, it is obvious that he put something on the bible that the cat was licking off. Shouldn't surprise me coming from a christian tho. Seems any sort of dishonesty is justified as long as you are lying for God!

  6. JAFisher44: Actually, Edward Current's videos are spoofs. But he gotcha! So I guess Poe's Law really works. :-)

  7. JAFisher44, are you for real???

    And Martin, Poe's law does work. However I think that most of Edward Current's videos drop far too many spoofy hints along the way to be considered legitimate poe material for those even remotely familiar with the subject.

    There is of course the chance that JAFisher44 himself is a poe, and that we've all been duped by his reaction :)

  8. Yep, guess I honestly got Poe'd. No, I am not a meta-Poe, I have never heard of Edward Current. Sadly, I honestly couldn't tell that this was a spoof. I guess it's evidence of the lack of quality in apologetics these days.


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