Monday, January 03, 2011


For those of you who liked the AXP T-shirts (I still have a few of those to ship to overseas buyers mainly, so hang loose, I haven't forgotten you) featuring the logo in the sidebar, I am now seeking to gauge interest in a (slightly tweaked version of) the same design on a pullover hoodie, the style of which may be seen here. For those of you tempted to ask, "Why not just go through Cafepress?" the simple answers are that I'm not wildly impressed with their quality, and that their prices are stupid crazypants expensive. I can literally charge you guys $10-15 less by going through the same company that did the tees.

I am not taking pre-orders yet, only gauging interest. I'd like to have at least 50 count-on-it buyers lined up. 100 would be awesomer. By pre-ordering you can reserve yourself not only any size up to 3XL, but any color of hoodie you want as well. So use this link and browse the color chart to see what you like. Keep in mind that because of the art, darker colors will be better, and reds are not advisable. If you do not specify a preferred color, then yours will be black.

If interested, email the TV show address with the subject line "FAO: Martin - hoodies" and I'll get back to you personally and answer any other questions you might have. If you live outside the US let me know, so I can quote you accurate shipping costs. And yes, a portion of the sales will be donated to ACA.

Addendum 1/5/11: I'm now up to commitments on 16 hoodies, which leaves 34 to go before they can go to press. I know there are thousands of you out there, gang, so hopefully we can close this gap superfast, and folks can be spreading the Good News on their bodies sooner rather than later!


  1. I could give a much better level of personal interest if I had some idea of how much one of these things would cost me.

    $20 - very interested
    $100 - not very interested

    So, X plus shipping would be nice to know.

  2. John K.: Those would be among the details people would get when they email. I can say that a ballpark would be in the $36-38 range before shipping. Shipping in the US may be $5-ish, but hopefully less. I actually have to weigh a package first.

  3. That price seems fairly on par with quality hoodies. Being a hoodie aficionado myself I can testify to this.

  4. Cardinal red, size L should fit me (I'm not sure, as US sizes tend to come out bigger than the same sizes in Europe). But I don't know how to pay yet (apart from sending cash), since we don't have a paypal account. But I think international money transfers aren't too complicated, are they? Sorry, I have no experience at all with this. :)

  5. Thanks for the interest, gentlemen. If you'll go ahead and fire off an email as noted in the post, then I'll add your address to the list of interested buyers I'll contact with full payment info (and options for people who can't do Paypal) when things are actually ready to roll.

  6. Is 3XL the largest we can get? I like a really nice roomy hoody that will last a long time and these things tend to shrink to half their size in a year, so 5XL (or even better, 6XL) would be excellent.

  7. If 3XL is the largest size the catalog shows, then that may be as big as they go. I can ask though. Generally I've found washing in cold water helps to keep things from shrinking too much. Also I think this is a blend which means it won't shrink as dramatically as 100% cotton.

  8. Just in case there are any others interested in hoodies in the UK, I have in the past acted as a hub to distribute the items within the UK which can reduce postage by bulk posting TO uk and then lighter postage internally (or even just dropping things off in the car) so if you could let me know if anyone is interested in this we could arrange something.

  9. Would the hoodies be as pictured, or is there a chance they would be a zippered hoodie? [I far prefer the zippered ones to the pull-over]


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