Thursday, July 02, 2009

TAM7 on the horizon

The Amaz!ng Meeting 7 starts in one week and I will, finally, be in attendance!

My flight is scheduled to arrive in Las Vegas next Wednesday evening and while I haven't tried to get myself invited to all the best parties, I've managed to book the key events and make preparations to try to make a few blog posts while I'm there.

Some of my more grandiose plans have been shelved as my Real Job (TM) has managed to suck up all of the time I would have used to arrange them; but I'm thrilled that my first week-long vacation in many years (maybe 15?) will be spent at my first TAM. As if that wasn't already sweet enough, it's also the first 'proper' vacation with my girlfriend.

I found out that the Thursday night event has been changed. Originally, the event was a double-billing of magic and mentalism with Jamy Ian Swiss and The Great Tomsoni & Co. The magic geeks out there already know how good this show would have been. John Thomson is a legend (and not just for his hair) and Jamy Ian Swiss is a true master of his craft.

I was really looking forward to watching two of magic's elite performing together. Unfortunately, Johnny Thomson had to cancel. I would have been perfectly happy to watch Jamy perform alone but, to my great surprise, they've managed to fill the vacancy with not one, but two of my favorites: Mac King and Banachek (of Project Alpha fame...for you non-magic-geek skeptics out there).

I was already planning on taking Beth to see Mac King (and we'll still go...I never miss his show when I'm in Las Vegas) but this triple-threat show is one I'm really looking forward to.

And while we'll also be going to Penn & Teller's show on Sunday night, the entire week won't be spent hopping from one magic show to another - we're going to be at the premiere skeptic's convention. There will be plenty of educational and entertaining talks and workshops, a talent show, a live testing of an applicant for the million dollar challenge, plenty of partying and socializing (check out the event schedule)...and Beth and I have a full day on either side of the conference to relax, explore and enjoy.

Yes, I'm boasting...and I don't feel the slightest bit bad about it. You should come!

If you're at TAM and happen to spot me, don't be shy! Come on over and say hello - even if you hate the work I've done on our shows. :)

Obviously I can't promise to give regular updates (I might be having too much fun encounter problems with internet access), but I'm going to try.


  1. Like I said before, I will definitely find you. I am already too excited for words, this will be my first TAM also.

  2. I will be there as well. and it will be my first TAM as well and I am sure it will be awesome. And obviously if you need/want a ride from the airport (to save money assuming you aren't renting a car or something) let me know. I will be driving to Vegas (4 hour drive > dealing with airport crazyness).

  3. Lucky Buggers, I definitely hope to get there one year.

  4. Matt, I'm going to have to enjoy TAM vicariously through you so please do blog at least once. Otherwise, I guess I'll just have to wait to hear about it during the next non-prophets (which, by the way, I am very excited about!).

  5. Yes, I suspect you'll be having too much fun. Which is why you ought to set up and blog from the actual conference room itself during the speakers, so that your evenings will be free. (Uh-huh, he thought, that'll happen.)

    Again, sad I'm missing it this year, after making the last two. Overall I thought the speakers at TAM 5 were better than they were at TAM 6 (except for the amazing Neil deGrasse Tyson), but the partying was better at TAM 6. I loved meeting the Oz contingent, and the Skepchick party suite got so crowded that the room literally became unbearably hot, and it was a relief to all concerned when Caesar's Palace security finally came up and shut the whole thing down.

    Ah well, I'll just have to plan in extra advance for TAM 8.

  6. What no plans for hedonistic bisexual S&M orgy? How can a group of skeptics and atheists get together and NOT have one of those!? We'll loose our hard earned reputation amongst the theists. Man, Matt, you're killing our cred, yo.

  7. Dude I am so excited for you.

  8. Have fun Matt. Oh and, just to keep you informed, Comfort has still not accepted your debate challenge. As you probably already know, he might be considering actually having the debate or discussion with Thunderf00t of YouTube.
    Oh, and please tell me that your gf is also the same Beth as the one at AC, Poeing us all. Otherwise I'd have to think that VSPs are allowed in our intertubes.
    Please ignore my post in its entirety, I'm very tired.


    It's on! Ray has accepted the challenge from Thunderf00t.

    I hope to make it to TAM someday.

    Can't wait to hear about it.

  10. Ugh, we all know (at least I hope we do) that The Ray/Thundy debate will be turned into a total farce and a waste of time...really anything Ray does he degrades to that.

  11. Gizmo...I won't need a ride from the airport, but you might be able to save me some cab money at some point over the weekend. :)


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