Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No crazy like the real crazy

Ah well. It appears that, despite a brave showing by Frikle, the votes are in, and no one can quite write like allexus8 except allexus8. Who, by the way, seems to have been mum since that old pedo Tony or Bernie or whatever his name is had the book thrown at him, and is on his way to live out the rest of his natural life as a tenant of the federal government. Too bad, Frikle, because you know, I had worked out a truly amazing prize for the winner, and...well... Hey, at least all the entrants gave us a hearty laugh at the end of a long day, right, gang?

Now let's enjoy our latest crazy email, just arrived today. Poe or Noe? We report, you decide.

I have been watching your tv show for quite a bit now, and i believe you have the right to express your belief how ever you want, so do i! i wish i could talk to you online but i can't for some reasons. My question is, why you always make negative comments about Jesus Christ and not other Gods. there is only 2 ways, DARKNESS OR LIGhT,and the light is Jesus and the darkness is seton. Sometimes you seem to belief there is God and sometimes you don't, i believe deep down in your heart you know God exists which is Jesus Christ who died for you on the cross for all your sins, and you know the Bible is true, but you can't stand it. the bible says on 2 Timothy, ch4:2 preach the word be instant in season, out of reprove, exhrot with all longsuffering and doctrine. for the time will come when they will not endore sound Doctrine;but after their own lust shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears, and they shall turn their ears from the truth, and they shall turned upto fables." there are many verses in the Bible that i can quote for you but i bet you know them very well, maybe more than anybody else. to be honest with you i'm not a preacher or anything like that I'm a born again chrisian, who believes in God(Jesus Christ)that Jesus died for my sins and raised up from the dead on the third day. because with my God there is no complication, Jesus said on john 8:12 "I'm the light of the world:he who follows me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life" seton is complication who decieves many in false doctrines and lies, and lead many in darkness so they can't see the where they're goin or what they're doin, who want that?!? I don't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish I could make this stuff up, people. Anyway, Matt replied glibly that he'd never heard of "seton," which prompted this deft comeback:

when i say seton, i meant the fallen angel, demon, and the one who work in darkness. lets be mature.

Oh yes. Let's. Uh, "lets."


  1. Let's see, I've heard of Satan of course:

    The Devil
    Angra Mainyu
    The Serpent
    The Dragon
    The Trickster
    Rex Mundi
    The Wicked One
    The Beast
    Old Scratch

    Never heard of "seton" though...

    I guess he couldn't think of another name than the one that he didn't want to type, so he made one up...

  2. After all, to type the name of the Devil is to invite him into your heart ;-)

  3. I have actually heard of Seton!

    Apparently, our christian is a big supporter of Rutger's Women's Basketball.

  4. lol, @ SHU (do they use those initials?)

    Sadly "seton" seems to be the only bright spot for this one. It starts out with the "why are you beating up MY myth?" and ends with "I get candy but you get ass-fire"

    It seems to me that the the show mostly talks about some vague deist god at the beginning of the universe. Maybe that's just because TAG was recently the great shiny new gob that the apologists had coughed up, so that's what the few theist callers wanted to lob at the guys 'n girls on the show.

    I'm not a big fan of psychology, but I suspect he may be projecting a wee bit if he ever really did watch the show.

  5. Seton is a magic card, you ill-informed heathens!

  6. @ Cyphern

    I think you're on to something here, I found the other card he's talking about:

  7. I really like the lowercase "h" in DARKNESS OR LIGhT.

    ... and is it bad reader etiquette to stop reading once a Bible quote shows up?

  8. tl;tr for Christ's sake! Although I did learn that punctuation and paragraphs apparently belong to the darkness.

    As for god and Seton? Pictures or it doesn't exist.

  9. Seton sounds like some kind of herb, spice or something."Hey, try that roasted lamb with seton".

    @Ing-If a Catholic university is named after Seton, does that mean that the catholic Church is indeed the Great Whore, like many Protestant Churches say?

  10. is it bad reader etiquette to stop reading once a Bible quote shows up?

    No. See The Star Trek Rule.

  11. I thought it was another name for the God Set. Seton is really Ernest Thompson Seton, one of the founders of Boy Scouts, pure evil.

  12. I know some on who lives in Seton (UK) nothing special about it but I wouldn't call it hell on earth.

  13. This isn't a Poe. This is either some kid who thinks he's hot shit and is gonna tell you what's up, or someone whose first language is not English.

    In any case, HAIL SETON!!!

  14. I'm going to go way out on a limb and guess that that email is, in part, the product of many years of quality homeschooling.

    Oh, and ChaosSong, judging from your use of psychoanalytical terminology, I think I see
    why psychology might hold little interest for you. You should give Steven Pinker or David Linden a go. The actual science is awesome.

  15. what i'm worried about is the "itching ears" part. that's enough to make me renounce Seton. especially now that they've made Q-Tips with 14 times more cotton so you can't even get them in your ears when they ARE itching.

    clearly, Seton lives.

  16. Benedikt, AWESOME link, my new favourite thing!


    I tried to figure this out on my own...what's a "poe"? Thanks! :)

  17. @ Startrek rule.

    Problem is Cap Kirk did show many admirable qualities and good judgment, so a quote by him might carry more weight than say a bastard like King David.

  18. @Jennifer:

    In this specific case, this would be a Poe if the person writing the email did not actually espouse these views, and was trying to see how ridiculous they could get before we called the bluff.

  19. @ Arnold

    Please, no panty-twists on my account. I certainly do not mean to imply that psychology has no value or is not interesting. Although, I am confident that I used the word "projecting" in close enough context to convey my meaning; if I'm wrong and you are actually confused about the point I was trying to make, please educate me on my error.

    I've actually read "Accidental Mind" by Linden and enjoyed it very much.

  20. I knew a guy who answered the phone by saying "hullo" because he didn't want to say anything that sounded like 'hell.' Maybe this guy spelled satan wrong for a similar reason. Probably not though.

  21. I get a lot of that "I think you really believe, you just can't deal with the truth" kind of thing. Makes me shudder.

  22. whokt on fonics werked four mee!

  23. @Sparrowhawk:

    I understand what a poe is, but I had never heard the term until it was mentioned on this blog a few days ago. Is this a common word, or a nickname/shorthand of sorts that was created within this small community? I searched Poe on wikipedia, and all I found was mention of a recurring ghost enemy in Zelda games. :)

  24. @Tyler:

    Read here for more info:'s_Law

    Basically, what people have done is create new words based on this law.

    If I were to pose as a creationist on this blog to see just how crazy I could get before you caught on, I would be Poe-ing you guys. I've been trying to use the word poewnt when possible, as in if someone tries to Poe you and it're poewnt.

    Of course, a Poe as a noun is one who Poes.

    Hope that makes sense.... and again, this is just my understanding, I'm not head of the Poe Committee

  25. Seton, er I mean Satan, comes under other names too:

    (any women's rights activist)
    (any race relations activist)
    (any Democratic president/VP)

    even Mikhail Gorbachev has been given the mantle of Seton, sorry I mean Satan, in the past on Austin Access TV.

    The Devil is all over the place! Beware!


  26. @Jennifer

    You're welcome. Thought I'd have some fun with internet memes. :)

    @Re Poe's Law:

    While English might not be that person's first language I think it's safe to assume that it neither is for many other commenters here... and yet, they manage to structure their texts and make them readable.

    No, I think Arnold is probably spot-on. The post just oozes with bible-school:

    (1) Once you have started writing, don't stop until you have committed the post! Do not think about what you write for it might lead you away from your faith; rather trust that the Holy Spirit will infuse you with a divine stream of consciousness!

    (2) Don't capitalize words except if you refer to God so that His Holiness will be even more evident.

    (3) Theats and key concepts, but mostly threats, need to BE IN ALL UPPERCASE SO THAT THE UNBELIEVER WILL HEAR YOU!1!!!

    (4) Use as many bible quotes as possible for they will cut into the non-believer's mind like dirks. Besides, the more you quote someone else the less you have to think for yourself.

    Think we got 4 checks there.

    Anyhow, there's also an explanation of Poe's Law on The Atheist Experience's own wiki,; though in this case the link Sparrowhawk offered leads to quite a bit more information.

  27. Hmmm...maybe he's referring to Mother Seton? I believe the Catholic church made her a saint.

    Of course, since the RC church is the Whore of Babylon, maybe he's not so far off?

    @ChaosSong: nice collection of names. I always thought Angra Mainyu sounded the most awesome.

  28. @Dawn

    I'm glad you enjoyed.

    Angra Mainyu is cool-sounding; for that matter, I always thought Zoroastrianism itself sounded cooler than it actually is.

    My favorite was always Beelzebub, I find the "Lord of Files" imagery much more shiver-worthy than the usual snake and fire stuff.

    Mephistopheles is another one that occurs to me now, although Faust wrote him as a subordinate demon - several of these names have that same problem if enough sources are considered.

  29. lol, that's supposed to be "Lord of Flies" not "Lord of Files" although anyone who has had a temp filing job may argue the point.

  30. "when i say seton, i meant the fallen angel, demon, and the one who work in darkness. lets be mature."

    This line makes me laugh out loud EVERY time I read it. There's such a great unintentional dissonance I almost want it on a T-shirt.

  31. @Ing:

    You may be onto something.

    I can see the shirt now. Black, with Diablo-font letters in red:


    the one who work in darkness...

  32. Seton has to be portrayed as a double chained glasses basement dwelling geek

    with the face on the shirt done in Che impressionist poster style of course.

  33. I vote "Undermedicated Schizophrenic"

    - Lord Seton III

  34. Hey! Seton is a church in Scotland. He's saying that you go to the wrong church!

  35. I can't believe you guys have gotten so much milage out of "seton." :-) I love our readers!

  36. I went to Seton Catholic Jr. High in Houston, so he must have been talking about the principal there.

  37. In some youtube comment thread someone wrote something about a certain "Satin". I asked who that was, and he maintained that I was the one playing dumb, without getting that it was his false spelling prompting my comment. The same thing occurred when I asked someone else about what an "athiest" is.
    Some people just wont get that they spell things wrong unless you push their nose onto the word.

    Funny thing is, if you try to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they're doing it deliberately to express humor - some people have a very outlandish sense of humor that appears to resemble nothing more than unwanton stupidity clothed in mystical language - and respond in like manner, they presume you to be a troll. If you don't and point out their error, they often assume that you are deliberately harassing them for no good reason, as if it doesn't matter that words are spelled a certain way. Or that you're simply dumb for not getting how funny they are.

    Odds are that people will misunderstand you. They'd rather settle for categorizing you as a troll before thinking there might be a misunderstanding.

    A general rule is that people who have difficulty making themselves understood through clear expression will also have trouble understanding clearly expressed thought, and will often assume they have understood something that they have in fact not.

  38. I had a discussion over the weekend with friends and we came to the conclusion that objectively; presuming the system of eternal heaven as part of the body of Christ and an eternal suffering as an individual in hell, siding with Seton is the morally right solution. If a god set up such a system and if there's even a slim chance of over throwing him, the potential good from changing the status quo, the injustices corrected, the fairness gained, the suffering eased, is damn well worth the risk of eternal punishment.

  39. Turned aside by fables. That sounds pretty familiar.

    I like the idea of 'Seton' can he be the opposition to the flying spaghetti monster?.

    Seriously though. This has to be some kind of poe. I mean whilst i'm prepared to accept his rant about light and dark, as it is a common line dragged out. The seton part just seems so poe like.

    However, I did enjoy how much his argument sounds like master Fnuh from Futurama 'I will win for i have the will of the warrior'.

    You know God exists cause i say so ergo i win. Rematch?. I win again.

    I must say i don't envy you guys having to go through the no doubt dozens of emails like this. It's time theft.

    p.s please pick on other gods. Is this guy
    A) admitting the existence of other gods


    B) advocating the persecution of other religions so long as his book of 'fables' is spared.


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