Friday, July 17, 2009

Mitchell & Webb: Atheist Watermelon

Your chuckle for the day.


  1. I had a laughter burst followed with a single hand clap and backward head tilt.

  2. @ TheDailyAtheist
    I lol'd and you halbfwashcabht?

    Great sketch. Thanks for that!

  3. Wait 'till you see the Abraham and son sacrifice sketch, v v funny, sorry don't have a link, it only aired last night, dare say it's on the web somewhere though.

  4. @petew

    I watched it (Abraham talking to God) as it aired too.

    Unthinking followers hanging off the words of a mixed up God...

    ... who'd a'thunk it?

  5. pz myers already has the abraham skit up on pharyngula

  6. These guys have been getting a lot of notoriety lately at Pharyngula. I wonder how the religious respond to skits like this.

  7. Sweet! I had a good chuckle.

  8. This show is brilliant. I also recommend this video, in which Jesus is heckled Michael Richards style for being biased against Samaritans.

  9. Oh that is just brilliant. I checked out their 'Good Samaritan' Racism skit too. I'm glad I found such a great satire group! Thanks :D

  10. Thanks four the laughs. The Bad Vicar skit by the same group is hilarious.

    Toronto, ON


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