Sunday, May 31, 2009

Whassup with the show...

Okay, so as I understand it, here's how things are as of tonight.

Today's show was the last to be recorded out of the Access studios, for at least the summer months of June-August. Exactly when in August, or after August, they will reopen, I haven't heard. I know they're spending a month renovating and upgrading. Then there will be another month devoted to training up producers on the new equipment.

Next weekend will be a weekend off for us, so no show on Ustream or otherwise. The following Sunday, June 14, which is the next one I'm scheduled to do, will be attempted out of Matt's place. We'll try to do video, which will all depend on how much the various hardware and software we have decide they like each other. It will also require Matt to sponge down his walls and hide the inflatable tapir, which we keep bugging him about, but you know bachelors and housekeeping.

It's possible it could be an audio-only show, which would mean AETV will basically be another NPR for the time being. But if we can do video, we will.

We may or may not be able to take calls, so I've been warned to be prepared. Lovely. As we won't have a strict 90-minute time slot either, the show may be longer or shorter.

In other words, expect us to be working through lots of DIY-centric teething pains as we strive to keep bringing you AETV all by our little selves. Personally, I just can't imagine anything going wrong....


  1. If you do end up taking calls, you should do it through Skype.

  2. I'm really ok with audio-only, I podcast it anyway.

  3. I'd also be okay with the audio-only, since I'm another one of those podcast fans (it allows me to do tedious things like housework -- and planning ahead to sit at my computer to watch live... it just ain't gonna happen). If you do manage to get video, though, be sure to incorporate Max.

    If you can't take calls normally, see if you can't get George from NY to call in and guest-star for an episode or two -- he's always fun to listen to.

    On a somewhat-related note, when you do get back in the studio, would it be feasible to get the pre- and post-show segments included with the podcast? It might be confusing to anyone not familiar with the format of the show, but you could consider it an homage to Zefrank (are the new viewers gone yet?).

  4. Just an unrelated comment: I can always tell when Martin's doing a post before I read who wrote it. lol, you write just like you talk on the show. Hehehehe, I luffz it. :3

  5. Seeing that you mentioned NPR, whats up with that? No show again on Saturday. Life getting in the way again?

    Since the live studio is offline and the possibility of live calls is iffy, how about doing some prerecorded stuff some of the weeks, that don't even need to take place at ...well Dillahunty International Studios (I don't get how Matt can say that with a straight face).
    You can address viewer e-mail, or even have an AETV Swimsuit Special at the Beach (...okay, scratch that, bad idea)

  6. I'm also a podcast listener, so no video is fine by me.

    +1 to the idea of getting George to call in.

    On a side note the AE is now the #1 link for "Inflatable Tapir"!

  7. An audio only AE without (or with skype) live calls would be nice.

  8. I'm also a podcast listener. I can never figure out how people have time to watch the video.

    But the live calls are what the AE show is all about. If you can't get that working, I'm not sure what the point of the show is. I like the topics discussed by the hosts, but that's basically filler material while calls queue up.

    You already have a show where hosts talk to each other (NP). Oh I get it now - the "NPR" in the post referred to Non-Prophets Radio, not National Public Radio. I didn't understand that until just now.

    Don't get me wrong - I love NP, it's actually my favorite, but I think you only need one of them.

  9. Skype is easy to set up, you might try it.

    I am also good with no video. I try to catch the show streaming when I can, but when I don't I just listen to the audio.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Audio-only is fine by me, too. I never watch the video versions, anyway. There's no point in making things more difficult than they have to be.

  12. I agree that audio-only is sufficient, and that the show would not be worth it without calls.

  13. "the show would not be worth it without calls"

    Sometimes i like just listening to the hosts, without theists interrupting things with their 'brilliant' arguments.
    I think there is rarely a caller who says something that was worth the call. On the other hand, it's always fun to watch as their lame-ass arguments are blown to bits. :)

  14. If calls prove too difficult to do for the time being, how about asking people to send in short e-mails with questions or claims to share on the show? Sure its not very interactive, but I like whenever a co-host decides to share e-mail. So maybe e-mail can become a regular part of the show until the studio is available again?

  15. Maybe you can do for one episode a "Riff" of a Christian/Islam/whatever apologist or propaganda media? It possible for you to just go through tearing apart one ep of the 700 club or Bibleman?

  16. We've thought about such ideas as answering viewer mails, or even taping a show with man-on-the-street interviews, what have you. Certainly we'd love to take live calls via Skype, but if we don't manage to have that pulled together in time for the 6/14 show, that doesn't mean we won't have it figured out for the 6/21 show and beyond. In other words, as I said, expect us to be working out kinks and getting our shit together as we go along.


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