Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More email joy!

Okay gang, you're going to hate me for subjecting you to drivel this far gone. But I promise...stick with it. The payoff is at the end. Yes, we're now starting to hear from these kooks.

It is not the question of God but the affects that seeing authority externally...God has never been proved to be a man and its symbolism in authority is the issue to human perception as it creates a need to measure the illusion of an image...That is the real meaning in the metaphors of Adam Eve Cain Abel...It is also an unknown fact that Jesus if he ever existed was teaching about human perception, Christianity misses the whole point and worships the cross rather than learning the teachings which are in fact a science to our duality of perception. Reason & Logic is what he was really teaching...It is nature that we all possess and knowledge is intuitive when there is no need to measure the illusions of self perception....Judgment in society is based upon the illusion of ego which relates to quantum physics and reality tunnels...The bible read in the proper context is a science, but most religion symbolizes authority in god. God does not exist but we all share the same natures in our duality of mind....

There is a good reason for religion because when we die our energy still has an impression upon it based upon the illusion of self perception, there is such a place as the fifth dimension of time space where we go, but

...(snap snap) Hey! Still awake? Okay, here it comes...wait fooorr it...

this will be revealed to humanity Dec 21 2012....

Zing! We'll be here all week, gang. Remember to tip your waitresses.


  1. Ummm, what?

    Sheez, that one hurts my brain.

  2. I am constantly amazed that these people made it through life and were able to survive to adulthood.

  3. I would laugh, but it's so sad at the same time too. A human mind is a terrible thing to waste and so on. Poor idiot.

  4. An who/whom/what, pray tell, will be doing the "revealing" and why are they/he/it waiting?

    2012 huh?

    Isn't the world supposed to end/ the rapture take place/ our alien overlords make a suprise visit in 2012?

    Why can't all the kooks get on the same page. Isn't that what "wing-nut daily" was supposed to do?

  5. "Isn't the world supposed to end/ the rapture take place/ our alien overlords make a suprise visit in 2012?

    It's when the Mayan calender ends. Really...that's what everyone is making such a fuss about.. No need to mention evidence suggest the Mayans themselves didn't believe the world was going to end

  6. Nothing is worse than 2012 nuts, well, maybe 9/11 nuts. I wish I got more funny emails!

  7. I heard a guy on my local progressive radio station this morning, claiming that it's going to be massive electromagnetic radiation from a huge upsurge in sunspot activity, supposedly "scientifically forcast" to happen around that time, that will take out the developed world's electrical grids. Society will then collapse into total anarchy.


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