Thursday, May 28, 2009

Toodles, Mac!

From a TFN email alert:

Senate Sends Message to State Board of Education: No More Culture Wars

Moments ago, the Texas Senate voted to reject Don McLeroy as chairman of the State Board of Education. The 19-11 vote fell short of the two-thirds majority needed for confirmation. Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller is releasing the following statement:

“Watching the state board the last two years has been like watching one train wreck after another. We had hoped that the Legislature would take more action to put this train back on the tracks, but clearly new leadership on the board was a needed first step. The governor should know that parents will be watching closely to see whether he chooses a new chairman who puts the education of their children ahead of personal and political agendas.”

Thanks to all of you who made calls and wrote letters about this important nomination. The Senate clearly heard your demands for responsible, common-sense leadership on the state board.

Regardless of the governor's selection for the next chair of the board, our work is not done. With your support, TFN will continue leading the charge for sound education standards, ideology-free textbooks and the best interests of Texas school children.


Now watch. Perry will get his revenge and appoint Cynthia Dunbar now.


  1. Why does Texas despise basic science education so much? Come on, we know "everything" is bigger in Texas, so why all the overcompensation? I'm an Atheist, and I feel your pain. I would joke and say, based on the Atheist Experience TV show that Texas is compensating for baldness... except we know that male-pattern baldness is linked to excess testosterone, and the long-time fans know that Matt Dillahunty is a freaky-deaky kinkster with a flogger in his back pocket. :) Shhhh! I promise not to tell!

  2. Nice. I was praying for your kids, and now my faith is restored.

    Oh wait, damn. 20 years of being raised Christian is sometimes hard to suppress.

    anyway, cheers! for a good day in Texas.

  3. Congratulations guy's. This seems to have been rumbling on for ever! Hope the next appointee is an improvement.


  4. So it appears rumours of Texas' doomedness have been greatly exaggerated :)

    For now.

  5. WOW...there is actually hope for Texas after all

  6. This is good news, but Texas' science students are not out of the woods yet. I believe that McLeroy will still be on the Board of Education, just not its chair. The members of the board are elected; Governor Perry chooses which one will be the chair.

    About half the board are members with views similar to McLeroy's, and I can guarantee that Perry's next pick for chair will be from among them.

    One or two are even worse than McLeroy.

  7. I just love that someone had the balls to dress up in a Barney suit. That's a crowning moment of awesome if I've ever seen one.

  8. Will someone remind me not to post comments while drunk? Sorry...


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