Monday, November 03, 2008

Testify at the SBOE hearings

Yesterday on the TV show I mentioned that as soon as I confirmed the info about signing up to testify at the SBOE hearings, I'd post it here. So here you are.

Despite the defeatist attitude from some people that I criticized heavily yesterday, it is vital that the pro-science contingency deliver a massive turnout of voices. Certainly, McLeroy and the other brain-dead creotards on the board won't be swayed. But according to the TFN, there are two potential fence-sitters, who have in the past voted with the conservatives, but whose votes are not necessarily assured on this matter. As the TFN says, the fundies have declared open war on science here, and have made the weakening of evolution education a priority. They need to know just how much opposition there is to their idiocy, and they need to hear it from as many of you as can take the 19th of November off. Adjust your schedules accordingly and be there. Like, it's only the edumacation of a entire generashun that's at risk here.


  1. Man I wish I was able to travel to texas so I could.

  2. Recently Martin took me and others to task for an unwillingness to testify at the SBOE hearings. He implied that we lack principles in defending science. I have testified several times at the SBOE and have watched what they do with this information. I now find it more worthwhile to to my job of teaching young people about how evolution and other aspects of science affect their lives, and even to encourage them and their parents to contact elected officials about how they feel about the science-lite approach to education promoted by the SBOE.

    My unwillingness to show up at their window-dressing show of pretending to give a crap about what informed citizens, scientists, and educators have to say is not the same as not having principles or concern about the state of education in this state. I think it more important to contact the media and legislators (if your legislator is at all sensible or sensitive to having Texas look like Kansas). In addition I feel we need to look into both the election of SBOE members with a view to identifying someone to oust incumbent fools like McLeroy, Leo, and Dunbar [and Bradley], and into the gerrymandering of the districts in a way that seems intended to reduce the representation of the people of Travis County (and other places).

    As meaningless as the public hearings are I would still show up, if they were held at times I am not teaching. I encourage anyone that wants to testify to do so, but I feel they should not go in thinking that it is the best or only way to deal with the anti-science challenges to our educational system. Writing pithy, insightful letters to the editor of newspapers is at least as valuable a way to counter the attacks on evolution. Organizing a protest that puts SBOE members in the spotlight of the media would also be something worthwhile, possibly. Each person should find what they feel is their best way of contributing to "the cause."

    Picking your fights is not quite the same as rolling over and playing dead, and it is unfortunate that Martin is willing to dismiss those whose philosophy is so similar, but who chose a slightly different path.
    Steve B.


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