Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A reason to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Word is making the rounds that the reactionary right's own personal Ilsa and card-carrying Joe McCarthy fangirl— yes yes, I'm talking about Ann Coulter — has somehow broken her jaw, requiring that it be wired shut.


I wonder how much her doctors would ask for to leave it that way...

Shall we enjoy a little schadenfreude pie along with our pumpkin tomorrow?


  1. This is the best evidence for the existence of God that I've ever seen.

  2. Nah Baz, the best evidence would be if Ann Coulter puts out a new book in the next 5 years.

    "I Was Just Kidding!: How A Flaming Liberal Got Rich By Getting Gullible Conservitards to Buy Her Books"

  3. Oh the irony! And I thought that she would never shut up.

  4. Someone must have told her to shut her whore mouth when men were talking...

    // I keed!

    Or maybe..
    shut her mouth when adults were talking..

    What gets me is she advocates a society where she would have to keep her mouth shut.

  5. What gets me is she advocates a society where she would have to keep her mouth shut.

    Mad Dog, of course she doesn't expect those rules to apply to her.

  6. The Ilsa comparison is just mean. What has Dyanne Thorne ever done to you?

  7. Most amusing.

    Now if only Michael Moore could fall down some stairs, Christmas would indeed have come early.

  8. This is of topic but have you seen this animation?

    It cracks me up so much. So just sharing in case you guys (*smakcs self for sexism*) haven't seen it

  9. ChristOnIce: Yes yes, I know. Comparing Ann Coulter to cheesy B-movie Nazi dominatrixes is an insult to cheesy B-movie Nazi dominatrixes. It was the best I could think of in a pinch.


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