Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We have great fans

Since many people that read this blog are also fans of the show, I thought I'd make people aware of our new Fan Appreciation page on the Atheist Experience web site.

The page will gather together web-based works done by Atheist Experience fans that have promoted our show. Of course, it' will grow over time with new content as we become aware of it.

I wanted to give a special thanks to people who take clips of our show and re-post them in other venues, usually YouTube. Those little nuggets have gotten the show a lot of free advertising and we really appreciate being able to reach new audiences. On the page above, we've gathered those clips and indexed them by episode number. There are about 90 of them now. Who knew? They're all in one place if you need just a little bite of atheism to help you make it through your day!

As always, send us feedback to the tv show e-mail if you see something that can be improved in some way.


  1. I just recently found your show through youtube. I now go through old episodes on google video and when i find a section that I like I post it on my youtube page. You do a great job and I am happy to help new people find their way to the show. You've got a new fan for sure! Keep it up!

  2. If someone wants to put up the picture I made of Matt's head on Blofeld's body, feel free. The main reason I didn't upload it to Iron Chariots is that the Blofeld image is doubtless copyrighted by someone, and I didn't want to put Iron Chariots in legally-nebulous waters.


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