Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Honesty? From creationists?

Here's a photo from Jason Rosenhouse's Evolutionblog, where he's been covering his visit to the Sixth International Conference on Creationism. Yes, they have those.

And if Jason's photos from the closing presentation here are any indication, the upshot of the conference this year was, "We got jack!" A rather bold admission, you might say, but since these are people whose principal goal is the validation of religious beliefs and not the pursuit of knowledge, I don't suspect they'll do anything with these conclusions other than continue to bring the fail, year after year. I see some bullet points missing from these slides, such as, "We're promoting an idea with an unfalsifiable and therefore unscientific premise," and, "We've never had a peer reviewed paper," and, "We've never given any examples of how creationism constitutes a theory with predictive power." You know, little details like that. For all the problems they admit to, they're still clueless as to the biggies.

Go have a read through Jason's reports. Pretty interesting stuff.


  1. This isn't being honest, really. This is confusing the poor sheep believing in ID with scientific-sounding words. More of the same I'm afraid.

  2. As Christopher Hitchens said "Creationism or 'intelligent design' is not even a theory. In all its well financed propaganda"

    We know too much these days to believe creationism... well at least some of us do.

  3. Unfortunately, this means they are trying to unify what I would call a cohesive assault on real science. They may look like a bunch of clowns right now, but they do know what they look like and are taking steps to fix that. While this looks good from our perspective, it is enough to show that this may indeed just be starting.

  4. db: I don't think we need to worry too much about them taking steps to "fix" their problem...they're never going to be able to produce any evidence, since none exists. The bad thing is that they will keep on trying to get their creation "theory" into our schools. I don't foresee how that will ever be stopped.

  5. But... all the scientific-y sounding words! They're big words. They must know what they are talking about because what they say sounds so important!

  6. db: I understand your point. But I still have to laugh at that photo. The last point especially is just hysterical.

    Unaccountable individuals (of which we've met many!), "varying" quality control standards (*snort*), and confusion over which scientific models are valid (haven't we all seen THAT one before!).

  7. I, for one, hope that they can somehow come together under a single scientifically valid paradigm, because then they'd see that they are wrong.

  8. I think the solution - if it's a solution, because with some people are simply impervious to reason - is to keep on confronting them with actual science. Whenever they say something that reminds you of the word "lunatic", just explain why they're wrong. In nine out of ten cases, they'll start talking about Jesus.


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