Thursday, August 07, 2008

Headscratcher of the Day

Since he couldn't reach us by email (that would be tv [at] atheist-community [dot] org), an Australian blogger named Skelliot left a message in comments informing us that his university blocks the AE blog, as well as some other atheistical and scientifical sites, by categorizing us as "Occult." Yes, I'll be baffled by that one for a long time. Meanwhile, Christian drivel is given a pass, of course. Irony much? Anyway, it's not a policy that speaks well for his college (whatever it is) presuming to be an institution of higher learning. I'd suggest a transfer.


  1. Umm... Ha?

    Gosh thats odd.

  2. It's probably from the same mindset that causes people to say things like "you're atheists? So you worship the Devil?" *Facepalm*

  3. Birmingham (UK) city council have done something similar, which is being challenged by the National Secular Society.


  4. We are occulting, in the sense that reason eclipses superstition. Otherwise, if bookstores can place all books about beliefs in "alternative and occult" sections and Christian ones in "religion", I guess this shouldn't surprise me.

  5. And yet somehow, I don't think the folks at this university who set up these filters are clever enough to be employing the verb form of "occult."


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