Monday, August 04, 2008

oh noez teh muslims r in r base critsizin teh athiesm

I always have misgivings about giving attention to blog stalkers, but this is just too amusing to pass up.

As you've read before, I've become a fan of Kafir Girl, a new ex-Muslim atheist blogger who is guiding us heathen Westerners through the Quran, chapter by chapter. A couple of weeks ago, a Muslim student in Pakistan, named Sona, started posting on his own blog about the mean, stupid Kafir Girl and her ridiculous accusations about the Quran.

(The first post I saw about her said: "I have noticed many, blogs by ex Muslim women. What is up with these chicks?" My observation was: "It’s like a bad Jari al-Seinfeld routine.")

After what seemed to me like a very, very slight amount of good natured ridicule, suddenly Sona threw a big temper tantrum, wrote a post saying that he wished humanity would be wiped out by a comet, and deleted his blog forever.

Well, "forever" in a fairly subjective sense, since he was back a short time later with a new blog, same address, this time called "Kafir Girl Sucks." I got a chance to read it yesterday. There were about ten posts, nearly all of which were whining about Kafir Girl.

In the meantime, on Wednesday we at the Non-Prophets received the following sneering, mustache-twirling letter from one Zain ibn Bakari, who wrote:

I am a Muslim. I listened to some of you podcasts - I think they should be offed as alternative to unconscious inducing medication to operating theaters around the world. You openly admit you've not read the Koran and allow this riddiclious women named Kafirgirl spoon-feed you. The term "idiot savant" comes to mind when thinking of her. Admittedly, that term applies only halfway to her, which is why I allege that whenever there's an argument about her devotion to principles and to freedom, all one has to do is point out that there is much more of this to come. That should settle the argument pretty quickly.

Turns out that Zain is Sona's little brother, and now he's listening to our podcast. Yay, expanding international audience!

Matt replied:

Thanks for writing.

Do you have any evidence to support your position — or is it just opinion and faith?

Apparently there have been a few more emails from that exchange which I haven't seen yet. However, Zain's first reply is up on Sona's blog now:

As for your dopey retort of: "do you have evidence" the evidence is in the public domain. Try seeing the 3rd link on google after typing "kafirgirl" am sure with your "lofty" intellect you will eventually find it. Don't confuse us Muslims for the ridiculous little carnival freaks the Christians we openly admit our god is malevolent. Perfection has to be both good and evil.

So I did. I looked up "kafirgirl" on Google, and received the following information at the third link:

"Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog Sona: Kafir Girl Sucks. does not exist."

Wow! Now that's what I call "evidence"! Surely Allah does exist, for in his infinite wisdom he has struck down the foolish blog "Sona: Kafir Girl Sucks" and... well... replaced it with another blog.

Atheism for the Illogic
We reduce atheism to absurdism. With simple LOGIC!

I must advise you that if you would like to see the posts on this blog, you should look fast, because Sona's record now mandates that he delete his blog and start fresh at the rate of once per week. The introductory post claims that he took down all the old posts about Kafir Girl because:

To leave kafirgirl alone as we feel she is beneath us and we also feel sorry for her, unlike atheists, we don't go after weak targets, we believe its against our principles and morality to attack someone who is not equally intelligent as us or more so. It is our opinion, intellectually kafirgirl is a weak target for us. Therefore, we have rather decided to directly challenge atheism.

This is your typical "Wah, we got humiliated by a GIRL, now we're going somewhere for new sport against somebody who has barely even noticed that we exist yet" post.

My main misgivings about this post regard explicitly acknowledging that they do exist. As we've seen lately, in cases such as Patrick and Yomin, paying attention to somebody who is about to become obsessive about you can backfire. Nevertheless... as often as we are criticized for focusing on Christianity rather than Islam, this could be enjoyable for a while.

I confess that I have not read the Quran. But as PZ Myers pointed out when he came up with The Courtier's Reply, it's fairly ridiculous to assert that you cannot refute obvious nonsense unless you have written all the abstruse scholarship that tries to make excuses for the nonsense.

And by the way, a few tips on blogging for the clueless. First: You don't HAVE TO delete your blog every time somebody criticizes it. Not that I don't appreciate having the power to destroy your blogs with a word, but I'd prefer to see people stand up for what they wrote and not back off from it. If you are saying something silly that you don't want people to read, here's some better advice: don't post it in the first place. Think harder about it and decide what kind of words you will be proud of for the rest of your life.

Second: You don't HAVE TO replace your old blog to start a new blog. You can have multiple blogs. It's okay. They don't run out of space at Google. Next time, instead of deleting and reregistering "", try keeping it around, and go ahead and register "" and "" instead. It's okay. Nobody will stop you. You can even post links from the old blog to the new blog, and you'll still get the same amount of traffic. It's just annoying for me when I want to link to something that was said, and then it's going to be gone next week.

Third: IT'S OKAY to have a blog that is about more than one topic. Really. If you want a blog that's all about building up Islam, and only occasionally (or frequently) focuses on your manufactured enemies, knock yourself out. Frankly, if you have a blog that's all about somebody else's blog, it strikes me as a little pathetic... but I'm not going to tell you your business.


  1. Kazim (and the rest of you infidels) should find the time to read the Koran. For a scripture, it's not as long as the OT, and is conveniently divided into daily doses (did I just say "doses"?). Anyway, I did soon after I nearly died as part of my get-off-my-ass-and-look-for-gods phase, which didn't work for me, but gave me some real understanding about where a large portion of the world is coming from. If for no other reason, the astounding amount of crazy could give you new topics for AETV.

  2. Our e-mail exchange has made no progress. He doesn't understand logic, accuses me (and the atheist position on the whole) of being illogical and his proof of this is utter nonsense.

    He's really not worth the attention he seems to be seeking.


  3. ...he's the riddiclious women.

  4. Wow, is this the best Muslims have to offer?

  5. "We have an email from Matt in our inbox as seen as though Matt is calling us attention seekers - we are not going respond to that email until Matt offers us an apology."

    Wow. That's all it took? All teh base r belong to Matt.

    - KafirGirl

  6. juju,
    they do have more. Like yelling at the audience. And yelling at their debate opponents.

  7. juju,

    I'm no fan of Islam, but I'd look into Shabir Ally, if you're really interested.

  8. One need not read every book on bridge building to know that bridges can't be made out of jello.

  9. You obviously haven't read my book on jello bridge building yet or you wouldn't be writing such blasphemy. It was written 2000 yrs. ago back when bridges were still built with jello. I'll see to having a copy sent out.

  10. You could build a bridge out of Jello. You just couldn't walk on it.

  11. You could build a bridge out of Jello. You just couldn't walk on it.

    Sure you can walk on it. You have to have faith.

    - KafirGirl

  12. This just gets weirder by the day...
    "Sona" quits the blog
    Some strange outrage about how Sona is a fake Muslim
    Sona's blog to shut down... again.

    I've been talking it over with a friend, and we're half convinced that the four other people who mysteriously appeared on Sona's blog are actually sock-puppets. Our theory would suggest that this whole thing about the disgruntled email was just an elaborate plot to "kill" the Sona personality and replace him with a bunch of people claiming Ph.D's, who mysteriously use all the same arguments and don't write any better.

  13. Kazim: so the blog in question is some kind of complex ranty masturbation? I barely have time to comment on all my favorite sites, much less build an imaginary paranoiac blog family. I only hope this person is using up too much time to build pipe bombs instead.


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