Monday, June 09, 2008

Zondervan blog

Mike writes:

Great post! I’ll get this off to Chuck today and hopefully we’ll hear back from him shortly. It depends on his schedule, but I’ll keep you posted as I get word from him. I’ll probably post up Chuck’s reply on the Zondervan blog I’m thinking and link over to your post, etc. Thanks again.

Since I wasn't aware of the existence of a Zondervan blog, I went looking for it and thought you might like to take a look too. Here is the section dedicated to Chuck Colson.

I looked over what was previously written, and it looks as though Chuck's "blog tour" has already been in progress for a while, since around March. He appears to be dropping by apologetics-friendly blogs first to answer brief questions.

I haven't read all the others yet. As far as I can see, mine is the first atheist response (although I don't know whether others are still waiting on their response). Perhaps unsurprisingly, I also appear to be the only one who has written a long critique rather than a short set of basic questions.


  1. They might be clipping out the questions. Did they say whether they'd be posting the entirety of your critiques?

  2. I see that the Reasoned Audacity blogger asked Chuck which was more threatening to Christianity, Atheism, or Islamo-fascism. Chuck says militant Islam is the greater threat, but then backpedals and says it's basically a toss up.

    So, basically, I'm on equal footing with Muslim terrorists in his mind.

    And yet, I constantly have to deal with criticisms like, "Why be so angry? Just let bygones by bygones. Their faith isn't hurting you."

    So, I am an evil, amoral, terrorist sinner, who is destroying the fabric of society, but I shouldn't 'cause trouble' by speaking my views, because what's the harm in religion, anyways?


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