Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Home from TAM6...

...and boy, are my arms tired. (rimshot) It was a perfectly wonderful experience, even my lunatic decision to make a road trip out of it — which totaled over 2600 miles in the end. But as I've already told many folks, it was just my desire to gafiate* for a while, and by taking a little highway tour of the Desert Southwest (a part of the country I love anyway), I could take things at my own pace, not feel like I was rushing through airport check-ins, or anything of that nature. A vacation, not a trip, was what I was after, and that's what I got. Thoroughly enjoyable in every way, despite coming home to the bittersweet news of George Carlin's passing.


I'm not going to compose my full report of the thing just yet. I'm still fairly tired and just want an evening or two to decompress. But in the interim, here's my Flickr set for the conference, complete with at least one of my road-diary shots. And I simply have to give a shout-out to my Aussies, Lloyd and Rachel McAlpine and Alan Conradi, who made an already enjoyable conference even more special and memorable. Apart from being fantastic people, they are quite possibly the biggest AE fans in the whole world. I look forward to seeing them all again next year, and I'm sure we'll all be in touch frequently between now and then.

Off to play with my dogs now...more later.

*gafiate: (v) Neologism I discovered in the world of science fiction fandom, comprising an acronym for "Get Away From It All." Gerund: gafiating. "Are you in town on business?" "Nope, I'm just gafiating." (Confused stare.)


  1. I'm so completely jealous that I might just 'Hulk'-out.

    You'd better have tons of good stuff for the show! (Especially after that disturbing parting shot you posted)

  2. You should have said "I just rolled into town, and boy are my ribs sore!"

    Randi in your photo is looking very frail.

  3. Well, see how good you look in your 80's!

  4. "When 900 years old you reach, look as good YOU will not. Mm?"

  5. Randi in your photo is looking very frail.

    Either that, or Santa Claus has lots a lot of weight.

  6. I think that Randi was born to a human mother who mated with a large, ambulatory pair of trousers.

  7. So Martin are you going to attend the Sixth International Conference on Creationism also to be fair and balanced if you are truly looking for truth that is. I suspect, as most atheists, you are just looking for validation instead of truth. I have made an entire blog about that subject if you haven't seen it yet.

    It's called Debunking Atheists

    Take care,

  8. Oh, Mr. Marvin, you silly fellow. Creationism is neither science nor truth, so what, apart from a colossal waste of time, money, and brain cells, would be accomplished by attending a conference devoted to promoting science illiteracy, ignorance and superstition? "Fair and balanced?" I'm not about being "fair and balanced" here, especially when that term is defined as "giving equal weight to falsehoods as to facts." Of course I'm interested in truth — which is why I ignore meetings of cranks and know-nothings. Do I need to attend a convention of skinheads and Holocaust deniers, whenever I decide to blog on racism, just to be "fair and balanced" towards their views? Of course not.

    Thanks for the link to your new blog, though. I'm sure we'll all check it out whenever we're in the mood for some comic relief. And congratulations on the new baby. Though what you're going to spend the next two decades drilling into his poor head is kind of depressing to think about.

  9. It's taken me a few days to respond, but thanks for making OUR time at TAM so much better, Martin. We met so many amazing people and heaps were more than happy to chat with us, but you stand out as a new friend that we made over the weekend. I know we're going to keep in contact and Rach and I are already thinking about a trip to Austin... might just need to top up the bank balance first!


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