Wednesday, June 11, 2008

But this Friday is the 13th!

Seriously, why would these moonbats waste a perfectly good end-of-the-world nuclear holocaust prediction for Thursday the 12th? Really, they're just doing it wrong!

From the article:

Shane Dee, the local district attorney, says there's no way to describe the group except as a religious cult.

Oh, I can think of plenty more colorful descriptions.


  1. This particular kook has made several end-of-the-world predictions in the past: September 2006, June 2007 are the most recent.

    Wikipedia's article about Yisrayl Hawkins contains more information.

    If there is no war, he can claim it was "held back" as a result of their prayers.

    If there is a war, he was right.

    He can't lose!

  2. Weirdly, I just saw this group interviewed on TV--well, members and their leader. Their leader is going to court for polygamy-type things. But I wrote down an interesting quote from the show I was going to use in the Batman show, but didn't get to. I hope I still have it for the second part of that presentation (on my desk somewhere). It was about control through fear. But the example given by an ex-member, indicated nothing different than doctrine presented by nearlly any Xian church (basically, the rapture is a-comin', so you'd better be on god's short list).


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